1994 Kelly I; bottle mouth Head Mold

Babysister Shelly/Kelly
In 1995 Barbie got a new babysister - Kelly, who was a darling Li'l 2 yearold blonde girl with an open mouth where she could put her formula bottle when she went to bed.

The doll was called plainly Kelly in USA and Shelly in Europe. She came standing in her white crib and with lots of accessories that are useful when you are a li'l one.

Markings are found in the neck:

1994 Mattel Inc


Bathtime Fun Kelly
Kelly also came in an AA version, right from the beginning. This is the second Kelly: Bathtime Fun from 1996 that could splash the water in her tub if you pulled a lever in her back..


Baby Brother Tommy
Ken's parents got hit by the baby bug too and Tommy saw the day of light in 1996. He is a Li'l guy with straight blonde hair, rooted ontop of his head.


Baby Brother Tommy AA
Baby Brother Tommy also came in an AA version and has done so in all Gift Sets with Big Brother Ken afterwards. This Li'l darling has so far not been sold separately.
From 2001 he has, but with the teeth mold.


Birthday Fun Chelsie
Chelsie exists in one version with this face mold. In a TRU Gift Set from 1997 she came along with Barbie and Kelly to celebrate Kelly's birthday.

Birthday Fun Kelly Gift Set Chelsie.


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