1994 Kelly III closed mouth Head Mold

Easter Bunny Fun Kelly
There are some of the Kellys that have been made with the closed mouth mold, like in the big box with all four sisters: TRU Traveling Fun Gift Set from 1996 but they aren't many and only white as far as I know.

Well.... I just realized that my Easter Bunny Fun Kelly has a closed mouth and that aught to mean that also the AA version does. 

... And here she is. The Caucasian version that is. 

Markings in the neck:

1994 Mattel Inc


Here is an adorable version of the closed mouth mold in AA. 

Easter Garden Hunt from 2001. 

Love her ringlets! 


This girl belongs to the second round of new friends and came with Marisa and Jenny.

Deidre is a darling Li'l AA girl.


Julie / Jenny
Jenny here is one of the second group of friends that joined Kelly. She is an Asian girl with straight black hair and brown eyes.


This is a new Asian friend from 2000; Belinda. She is a Kelly Club member with the Kelly closed mouth mold. In Europe she was replaced with a teethy smiling Jenny... This li'l girl likes to ride her trike.


Tommy finally got the closed mouth mold too in this set from 2000, Evening Recital Gift Set.


A black Tommy that looks like a crossdressed Keeya to me... This is the only version of Colonel Candy from the Nutcracker series in 2001. All the others come in two versions... 


Maria came with a closed mouth in 2002. Here she is dressed for a PJs Party. Isn't she gorgeous in her green eyes?  


Skier Lorena from the Lake Placid Olympic Kellies series in 2002 also had a closed mouth. She is lovely in her red hair and that Mona Lisa kind-of smile.  


Bumblebee Melody from the Garden series in 2002 got a closed smiley face too.  


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