1966 Twist'n Turn Head Mold

This is another of my childhood dolls, a brunette Hair Fair head on a Twist'n Turn body.

When Barbie started twisting and turning in the MOD '60s she didn't only get a new body but she also got a new facemold with rooted eyelashes. Gone are the thick black molded ones and replaced with "real" rooted eyelashes. Her eyes are still looking to the right, but this changed too during this era.

This head is marked in the rim of the neck:

1966 Mattel Inc "country"


Sear's Exclusive Walking Jamie is the only friend that have been used with this headmold. She was a girl with three colors of her hair, same as Barbie, in blonde, titian and brunette but what determined her from Barbie was her brown eyes.


A new group of dolls hit the scene in 2003: 1 Modern Circle and this is Melody that was made with the repro tnt head mold in a very bald hair color of blue!

Doll belongs to Aims.



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