1971 Steffie Head Mold

This beautiful girl was the first of many with this particular face.
She had a slightly open, pouting mouth. The Steffie mold is the far most popular one that have ever been used. It can be used for any color of doll and so it has been.

Head is marked inside rim (or in the back of the neck):

1971 Mattel Inc "country"

This mold has been in use on and off since it first was introduced
in the early '70s and one of the latest dolls to have used it is Mackie's Fantasy Goddess of Asia.

Walk Lively Steffie. 

I just recently discovered (June 2005) that some dolls (Hawaiian, Parisisan and possibly others) has a marking of 1965 in the neck rim!


P.J. got a totally new look in the Malibu series and was the first girl to use this mold besides Steffie.

Other girls that used it in the same era were the Miss America dolls.


Cara was the first AA doll to have this facial feature. She makes a gorgeous version with her dark skin.

Cara came in four versions:
Free Moving in 1975,
Quick Curl in 1975,
Quick Curl deluxe in 1976,
Ballerina Cara in 1976 (this one with a gold crown attached to her head).


Kelley only came in two versions:
Quick Curl in 1973 and
Yellowstone in 1974.

Both versions are gorgeous redheads with brown eyes. The Yellowstone had a tan - made on the Malibu body and was part of "the Sports set" (with Newport and Sun Valley Barbie).

Quick Curl Kelley


Christie also has been made with the Steffie mold - in four versions:

Sun Lovin' Malibu in 1979,
Golden Dreams in 1981,
Pink and Pretty in 1982
and the girl to the left:
Sunsational Malibu Christie from 1982 on.

In Europe in 1980 we had yet another version:
Ebony Christie. She was sold under another name in USA: Black Barbie (see below).


Another beautiful version of the Steffie face was featured by the once seen Tracy that married her Todd in 1983.

Tracy is brunette with green eyes and otherwise soft colors.


When Midge reentered the doll stage in 1988 she got a whole new look with the Steffie mold. With her red hair and green eyes she is a great candidate for winning a price of beautiful Steffie faced girls.

The girl to the left is California (Dream) Midge in a vintage dress that has the same colors as her eyes.

Two Midges was made with the Steffie face:
California (Dream) in 1988 and Cool Times the year after, both freckled redheads, one greeneyed, one blueeyed.


Teresa inherited this mold from Midge in 1990.

The girl pictured here is a European special, Benetton Teresa from 1991. She had brown hair in two pigtails and brown eyes. This particular doll has had her pigtails removed.


Whitney is a brunette friend that was seen for the first time in 1987 as Jewel Secrets Whitney. She was called Princess Laura in Europe and she looked Royal in her jeweled crown.

Whitney was sold in four versions in USA:
Jewel Secrets in 1987,
Nurse in 1988,
Perfume Pretty in 1988,
Style Magic in 1989.

This girl is a European special from 1992: Ultra Hair Whitney. In USA there were Totally Hair Barbies in different hair colors.


This raven haired beauty is Western Stampin' Tara Lynn, a doll seen only once, in 1994. She has been very popular among doll artists for her black hair, red lips and big blue eyes.


High School Stacie was a friend of Jazzie's - Barbie's Teen cousin and a pretty AA version of this face.


In Europe Barbie was sold with the Steffie head on a Standard body. These dolls were very cheap looking and made of a pink plastic with thin hair.

This doll is #8388.


Black Barbie was a milestone in the doll world. She was the first African American Barbie ever released. That was such a big news she sold as Ebony Christie in Europe. I guess the Europeans wasn't ready for an AA Barbie just yet - or if we ever were! I have never seen one anyway.

This is one of my personal favorites. The rumor says Mattel will make a replica of this girl in 2000 as celebration of her 20th Anniversary. Who knows? (Did not happen!)


Hispanic Barbie was the first Barbie doll with Latin origin to be released with the Steffie face. She was a pretty black haired girl with red lips and a rose behind her ear.


The Steffie mold even makes beautiful Asian girls as in this version of a doll called Oshogatsu, which means Happy New Year in Japanese. The first version from 1996 had long black hair and was dressed in a red kimono and the Second Edition in 1997 had a short brown hairdo and a pink kimono. Both featured the Steffie face.


In the 1 Modern Circle group released in 2003 a new gal joined forces with Barbie. Simone is a fresh version of the Steffie mold in her dreadlocks in black/brown and green. 


This doll is not part of the regular Barbie line of friends. She is the Heart Family Mom and the AA version was made with the Steffie mold as well as some of the caucasian versions.



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