1976 SuperStar Head Mold

Moonlight Magic
In 1976 Barbie got a whole new glamorous look. Gone was her Mona Lisa-kind of smiles as she got a new toothy smile, pretty contagious. She was made with Farrah Fawcett as inspiration and had all the glamour of the '70s in her dressing. This is the far most used mold of all the Pink world dolls. Barbie had it for decades to come.

Markings in the back of the neck:

1976 Mattel Inc and sometimes "country"

This girl to the left is a TRU-special Edition: Moonlight Magic from 1994 with raven black hair and eyes in metallic shades of green and copper. Just gorgeous!


SuperStar Christie from 1977 is the first of three Christies to use this feature. The other two were:
Fashion Photo in 1978 and
Beauty Secrets in 1980


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