2001 Kayla / Lea Head Mold

2002 gave two new friends to Barbie. One was the Hispanic girl Kayla seen here and the other an Asian friend, Lea seen below.

Head markings in the back of the neck:

2000, Mattel Inc

This is Amazing Nails Kayla, who is a lovely olive skinned girl with a dark red, almost whinered tone of her hair. She has had her hair let down here.


This is Palm Beach Lea, one of two Lea dolls released the same year. She was made with the same mold as Kayla above but with an Asian look to her.


Mystery Squad Kenzie was another girl made with this head mold. Imagine what paint can do to a face?


Princess of Japan was made with this head mold too and is a lovely version in very light almost white plastic.


Sophisticated Wedding Barbie 2002 is another beautiful girl made with this head mold. I gt the tip from a visitor to my site and am now thrilled to have her in my collection! She is stunning!


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