Accessory-SWAP 1

Carolyn set me up with herself in the first trade. This was so much FUN!!!!


This is what I came up with for Carolyn. Some souvenirs and other Swedish things. 

A piece of wild strawberryprint fabric she can use for anything of her wishes. 
A basket of ... for picking flowers, berries or mushrooms. 
Two Swedish flags. 
A blue Dalahäst (Dalecarlian Horse)
A student's hat as this was in time for the schools to end.
Two packages of Leksandsbröd - a hardbread made in Dalarna that I have made. 
A mini BRIO-train - a cutoff keychain. 
A Spark - or kicksledge
A pair of Lappish shoes of reindeerfur.

Sigrid is giving Pontus a ride on the kicksledge. The shoes Sigrid is wearing is not the same as I sent to Carolyn. I never got a shot of them... These are my own shoes made of reindeerskin. The ones Car got was fur. The kicker looks the same even if it's not THE same one.  

Carla, Keeya and Prissy are checking out the dollhouse that Carolyn sent. 

"It's a schoolhouse!" 

They placed the furniture where they thought was fit. 

Prissy is showing everything for the other kids.



"The topfloor is a schoolroom. On the ground floor are the lockers and outside is a playground with a swing and other cool things." 

The kids are trying out their new furniture.

These are two blowup chairs - former keychains and a beanbag. They also got a radio, some hamburgers, pizza, plates and the tools to cut it. A popcorn-cup and two coke-glasses. 

"Yeah! Pizzaparty!!"


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