Xmas Tree SWAP 2001

We wanted to swap something for Xmas and Carolyn came up with the idea of a Xmas Tree. 


Georgianna's tree for me is a lovely pine dressed in colorful ballornaments and a golden garland wrapped around. Of course a true US tree also has an angel in the top - in this case a lovely crystal gal with a silver halo. The tree mat can't be seen but it's made of a green felt with golden threads weaved into it and Geo also sent a gown for the girls to wear in the same fabric. 

Here li'l Miss Tarkington is showing off the tree and a Ginger bread house that Erik made in school (out of three turned-upside-down hearts) 



Below are the tree I decorated for Georgianna. It has red, white and blue decorations. There are bells, glass ball ornaments 
and as a typical Swedish tree, a star in the top.   

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