The members of KellyKlub decided to send our dollies on a World Tour to visit friends all over the planet and here are my li'l travellers Lisa and Linda and the guests that have been visiting us in Kiruna in Northern Sweden: 

MAP of Sweden - takes a while to load

KellyKlub World Tour 2000 - Group 4

Lisa Sandberg left Kiruna, Sweden on May 26, 2000.

Kelly Scarlett Medlock from Roswell, Georgia, USA

Ellen Ensor from Windham, Maine, USA

Belinda Norrick from El Dorado, Kansas, USA

Liana Rouleau from Barrington, Rhode Island, USA

Kelly Schulenberg from Chicago, Illinois, USA

KellyKlub World Tour 2001 - Group 1

Lisa went on her second World Tour on Jan , 2001 
Lisa's extended tour-trip to California 

Kayla Kelly from Kingsburg, California, USA 

Caroline Williams from Concord, North Carolina, USA

Seamus DeBunce from Pendleton, Oregon, USA

KellyKlub World Tour 2001:2 - Group 3

Linda is the lucky one to travel this time (as Lisa is still out there)

Timmy Turner from Pearland, Texas, USA

Lisa Kline from Concord, New Hampshire, USA

JerriLynn Rose Akers from Manchester, Washington, USA

Maudie Rebecca Tarkington from Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA

Some lose travellers too, leaving the Sandberg Residence to travel the  world.

Oskar's trip to PNW and Las Vegas.

KellyKlub World Tour 2002 - Group 3

Lisa still out there and went straight out on her next tour 

Li'l Ms Nettie Minx - or Miniete Marie Kelly, Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Kelly Parton, South Carolina, USA 

Ms Bonnie Crouch from New York, USA  

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