Kelly & Melody Schulenberg

Our last visitors are from Chicago, Illinois. Mommy's name is Chris.


Kelly & Melody arrived safe and sound to Sweden. Brrrrrr. It's cold here as the winter has come since our last li'l visitor and Kat has made the girls a coat each. 

Kat has the worst cold and doesn't look quite herself here... <snore>

Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger and better photo.

"MOMMY!!! Who is it??? Who is it??" 

"Is Lisa home again?!??? MOMMY OPEN!!"

Linda and Rasmus are eager to know what the mailman brought today. 

Ooooh, what is it?? Linda climbed up the box to see what was inside. Two plastic bags....? 

HELLO!!! It was the new visitors. Kelly and Melody. Linda and Rasmus are making them feel welcome to our house. 
Kelly seems to have had a rough trip as she got a spot on her cheak. No sign of Melody's Chicken Pox though. 

The girls slides down the box. 

And not only did they come but Lisa too. She is home!!! My baby. They have a chat here after their trip, telling Rasmus everything about the flight. No eavesdropping... Had to leave them. Couldn't understand a word anyway as they all chattered at the same time. 

Checking out the house. 

Oh, Santa left something for us too!! How cool is that?? 

(Check here to see him leave their gifts...)

Kelly and Melody are squeezing and trying to feel what's inside.... 

Melody got a dolly?? Teddybear?? Hmmmm. Wouldn't we love to know what Santa has wrapped up for the kids?? 

"What's in here????" 

This box looks intriguing. Kelly and Melody helped each other to lift off the lid. 

"Hey, more packages!!" 

"These are BIG!"

Kelly opens up her gift. 

No, no, no... No telling as it's a surprise for Mommy Chris.... ;-)

More gifts???? 

Melody opens up the lid to the chest. 

"They are soft!!"
"Cuddly. What are they?? " 

(time will tell....)

Melody and Kelly are helping me take down all my tiny santas. The kid behind them is my next visitor from WT 2001, Kayla Kelly that you can visit here

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