Christie and Brad invited their family and friends for a Christmas Decorating Party. Her sister and family brought their red basket filled with Decorations and candy and joined in.  

Midge is hanging up a wreath with a teddy on the back of the stairs. 

Another wreath going up somewhere... ...and a green glass ornament. 

"Where shall I put this??"

"Hey Rasmus, you've got the wrong holiday. Put that back." 


Gotta look in the Xmas chest to see if we can find something better...

Now THIS could work! 

Tommy found a red glass ornament that he would like some help with. 

Midge is seeing to that the kids does this right. 

"Mommy! Look what I've got! I helped Emma make some Gingerbread and decorated it with Sugar so we can hang some up for Christmas."
Tommy carries a "Adventsljusstake" that he wants to put in the window and Skipper holds an angel she will hang up there too.

A plate of decorated Gingerbreads to put in the tree. 

"Aaaahh. It's beautiful!" 

Mickey and Tommy are looking at the candeleer and a Santa house on the table and the angel in the window. 

"Which star will we use? Mine?"

Oskar and Mickey fights over which color of star to put in the top of the tree. 


Mickey is jumping up and down as Brad chose his star for the top. 

"Hmmmm, How do I get it up there?? Can someone find me a ladder??"

Now, what's this?? 

Ahaa, the boys playing with the lights! Tommy, Oskar, Mickey and Rasmus that is. They could hardly stand still for the photo as they so much wanted to help Brad get it up in the tree. 

Aaaaaahhh. Beautiful... And the yellow star is in the top. Now we are done!

Phew. It's nice to sit down for a minute and have a zip of that spicey Glögg. Where is it?? Oh, Brad must be in the kitchen fixing it while the ladies get some rest. 

Mickey and Oskar are checkin out the Santa snowglobe on the table. 

Look who's coming!!!! 

Santa is visiting and stopped to pose with some gifts and his goat. 

Another portrait. 

And he even took time to sit down with Christie and her friends and family. The kids got lots of gifts. 

Tommy, Ronja and Rosie are looking at some of their presents. 

Tom and Tommy are playing Drummer Boys here and Ronja got a tiny doll for xmas as you can see to their right. 

A new Monopoly game for the bigger kids. Deidre wants to try it, but Stacie talks her out of it - "You will only loose the dice"

"You're no fair!! I would NOT!"

Chris' sister's babies got an angel and a doll. Prissy is very pleased over her new baby doll. 

The whole room full of happy people. Teresa came with her li'l Lucia too. 

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