Kayla Kelly

Meet our first overseas visitor in 2001: Kayla Kelly that lives with her Mom Becky in Kingsburg in sunny California, USA. This was a big change for her to come to cold and wintery Sweden and at the time of arrival no sun either. This was soon to be changed during this sunny girl's presence.



Map over Sweden.

Pic will come of my guest

Click the thumbnails below to see a slightly bigger and much better photo.

Another box arrives to us. Ronja and Rosie are curious on who the new visitor is. 

Wow, she has come all the way from California! 

They climbed up the box to see if they could find their new friend. 

"HEY!! There you are! What's your name?"

"Hello! Welcome to us! I am Ronja!"

"My name is Kayla Kelly" 

"And I am Rosie. Soo fun to meet you!"

Shelly and Debbie joined the girls and chatted for a while. 

Debbie took Kayla out as she wanted to see the snow before she went to bed after her long trip. Shelly gave Kayla her new coat and out they went. 

The girls look adorable in their coats, don't you think?

This photo has very strange colors. It's originally very blue and dark and I have tried to alter it, but it's a long way yet before I am pleased. 

The feeding house and some Domherrar (our beautiful red "xmasbird"). Up in the trees you might see other feeders too. 

"I'm helping Kat feed the birds"

Hmmm. I let the kid believe that anyway. She thought it was so fun just to sit on top of the feeding house so I let her while filling the other feeders. 

"Guess where I am, Mom. Can you see what this is?? Or do you know what this is?"


A bigger look at the vehicle... 
I put Kayla on our snowmachine... maybe she'll get a ride later. 

"Hmmmmm... Wonder what's in here?"

Kayla is examining a tiny house she found during my xmas cleanout.

"Waaah! Look! Santa is pooping...." 
Kayla fell over giggeling and laughing when she opened the door. I found this poly-"loo" in Dec but bought it at the afterxmas-sale. LOVE IT! 

... and so did Kayla. She sat there a long time and played with the door. 

In front my newest mini-santas. I guess you can imagine the 'size' of them.

Kayla came with me to visit Erik's class. All the kids were amazed that she had traveled so far and they all said Hello to her.

Here we are listening to Erik, Wilma and Malin when they tell the class about some newsclips from Kiruna. Erik's story was about some 17-year old kids that tried to put fire to the City church on Christmas Day but it never burst into a real fire and that they are now caught by the Police. 

Kayla wanted to go out and play in the snow and she found a reindeer.  

He took her for a ride in the sleigh through the woods. 

My Kayla and Marisa took the kicksledge and joined in with Kayla and Debbie. 

The kids had a great time and were out until it went dark. 

A trip into town. Sofie and Kayla found a sign - with a Bassett on. Those are KOOL! The sign tells Dog-owners to pick up after their friends as this is a place with playing kids. 

These houses can only be found in Kiruna. They are called "Snusdosan" and "Mullbänken" (and another one "Spottkoppen") which is very hard to translate into English. It has to do with chewing Tobacco. The inhabitants in Kiruna have always given names to new houses and buildings. These have balconys that are made to look like the "Ortfarare" or elevators in the mine. U-G-L-Y. But KOOL. 

Using snow as a form of art. Every year in January, we have the Kiruna Winter Festival when people comes from all over the world to compete and make these huge sculptures in snow. 

Kayla sits in something that looks like lace. 

It's a big bird and a tulip. That is lace! 

Behind you can see Kiruna Stadshus (the City Hall).

Icesculptures. The symbol of Kiruna; a Ptarmigan. Beautiful isn't it? 

And a second birdie. Kayla is sitting there with Krissy. 

A few days or weeks later some huligans had chopped the heads off both the sculptures. HATE when that happens! 

Sofie shows another sculpture. Some are supposed to be something "real" - one is a man crawling out of the ground - this one is artistic. Plain symmetry. 

Our beautiful City Hall with the clocktower. There is a Webcamera placed to the right of this building:
Click here to see the view

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