Caroline Williams

Li'l Caroline Williams comes from Carolina. South Carolina, USA that is and to be more precise she lives with her Mom Darla in a town called Concord. After her visit with Auntie Becky she came to visit us in Kiruna.


A horrible photo of me. I can't believe the kid isn't frightened to death to be sitting on that shoulder... If I had leaned a bit forward I wouldn't have had ALL those cheeks... ;-)

Elin took the pic of her Mom. 


Map over Sweden.

Click the thumbnails below to see a slightly bigger and much better photo.

A lot of kids are very interested to meet their new friend from overseas. They hang out in crowds around the box when it arrived. 

The girls fought over the knife to get her out.... 

And Mickey climbed all over my 
coffeemug to see her first - but he fell off!

Lorena tries to cut the box open - by sitting on the knife!! 

"Move over kid and I will help you."

Rosie climbed up to help their new friend out. 

"HI THERE!! She is a redhead Mom!!" 
Rosie is amazed over her new friend's haircolor - the same wonderful color as herself. 
Can you see Caroline's Mom there too? Hi Darla! 

The girls seems happy to meet - Rosie hugs Caroline while Lorena is waiting for her turn. 

Hi Mom! 

Here I am at Auntie Kat's in snowy Kiruna, Sweden. 

Sugar baby... Caroline is lying in a sugar bowl that my Brother-in-Law made for me out of a piece of birch-wood. It's raw sugar in case you wonder - for hubby's coffee... Actually it was he that put her there. Sweets for the sweet. :-) 

Another package arrived and the girls had heard rumors there would be something in it for them... 

Caroline helped Lorena rip it open. 

"Hey, it's clothes!" 

Caroline is helping me getting some new slices of hardbread for the dinner table. 
It's called "brungräddat Leksandsbröd". 

Taking off the paper...

And finally she got a piece of bread - or cracker as someone called it. 

Maybe it doesn't look that yummy but if you eat it with cheese and a cup of tea or chocolate it sure is! 

This is something special that is VERY hard to catch on photos. The sun has got a gloria - a huge rainbow-circle around it. If you look real hard on the photo (linked) you can see a part of it raising from the right side of the photo. You can see from the shadows and light where the sun is and this gloria goes all the way around - but it was too narrow for it all to get room in the shot. Hope you can see it! 

Caroline enjoying the sunshine too. 

I am so sorry over the strange colors of these photos but the circumstances weren't that good for photography and I have tried to fix the lighting/coloring. You should see the originals! 

Another shot. 

Just out in the snow. 

"Know who has "walked" here?? A Hare Kat says. WOW, those tracks are HUGE!"

"Hi Mom! See where Debbie and I am??? This creature is a reindeer - a REAL one!!"
(stuffed Kat says... He stands outside a Lappish store)

On the bus home after a trip into town. The weather is very gray. A bit bore but as this particular bus takes out to LKAB Kat took some photos of me inside. 

Below you can see...

... Kiruna. On a bright day the view from the mine-area is great! Kiruna looks so wonderful from this point. Here it's mostly snow in the skies. 

Early in the morning. We are on the train. Going to visit Grandma (Farmor) in Piteå. 


All the kids are eating, reading and relaxing. Erik, Sofie and Elin and on the table are Caroline, Debbie and Alien Kelly (Elin's doll). 

cw_Kat-train.jpg (27597 byte) Same horrible photo as above. It's taken on the train. We travel with Tågkompaniet and as they are responsible for the traffic Kat and Lennart's free traintickets are of no use! He gets them through the job - this year through...  

"Know where I am Mommy??"

"Playing at McDonalds!!" 

We stayed in Luleå for a couple of hours to shop and eat at Mickey Dees. 

Waiting for the bus to take us to Piteå. We sat there for an hour and half... Boooring! 

Sofie is drawing some sketches, probably an animalcartoon of some kind.

Sunday. First day of shopping and we went to Barnens Hus, a big toystore. We saw some Shelly and her ponies here and some illusive Susies too. 

Shelly-shelf.jpg (81559 byte) This is one of the toyshelves in there.... 

In central Piteå with Auntie Kat, Elin and Erik. Sofie went on a BINGO with her Grandma. This is "Rådhustorget" a different square as the cars cross it in a cross instead of around it. 

The photo might seem to be reverted but the sign is put up so you can see it and read the name before you enter the square - therefor the letters seems mirrored. 

We had an icecream at the "Rådhuskiosken". Can you see me on the top of the fence there? 

"And here I am  - another angle of the square. I got a postcard of this square too. The building behind me is the Piteå Museum. We never got a chance to check it out but they have some neat old clothes there I know (Kat told me). Christening dresses from the 18th century and other things." 

"Look who I met!!!! These two guys lives with Auntie Kat's Sister-in-law and used to belong to her daughter... Kat has wanted these forever but they still live there in a toychest..." 

"Some of the things I will bring with me back home from Sweden. Traintickets, timetables, that head'napkin' that is on every seat - (Kat snatched an unused one for me) and more. There is another photo too but that is a surprise..." 

"Here I am on the box filled with souvenirs and things. Kat wrapped it up in a giftpaper printed with Swedish flags and daisies ('Prästkragar' - or translated: Priest's Collars!!). Soon I am off flying to USA again to meet Auntie Angie in Oregon." 

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