Timmy Turner

 Our first visitor on the new tour is another boy (or cow-boy) from Pearland, Texas, USA. His Mom's name is BJ.


Timmy and Auntie Kat after the return to Kiruna. Kat has had her hair cut and it's a bit windy when we took this shot so the hair flies like it feels... 

Tiny Timmy arrived in time to celebrate 4th of July in Sweden and went with us on vacation. It has been a pleasure to have him here with us for a month and even Lennart have been telling who he is. :-) 

Click here for a map of Sweden and to see where Timmy has been this summer.

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"M-o-o-m!!! We've got a new visitor. Come help us!" 
Vicky and Mickey wants me to help them find out who is here... 

"Hi there! I'm Timmy who are you?" 

Timmy fell over when he saw the back of the wrappingpaper he came in... (the koolest I have seen since Fiona sent me something from Oz!)
"TEXAS!! Mom! Where are you??" 

Timmy needed to take Xena for a walk and Mickey tagged along with Rambo and his Pup Rocky. 

Midnight Sun.... Almost anyway. The time is circa 20 minutes to eleven and the sun is setting from where we are. 
Timmy and Vicky on a midnight stroll.... 

And after his first day in Sweden poor Timmy crashed in the bed. He got to sleep with some of the Christie Mansion Teddybears "cosily" around him. 

Vicky and Timmy are checking in the catch of Lennart and Ronny. Ouch, one of the fish have been in a net but must have gotten loose at some occasion. They caught them with a rod... Eeeeh, a spinning-rod (?). They look good though! 
(and they did taste heavenly as Ronny and Kicki pickled some of them and we got some when visiting them later this summer... Yummy!) 

4th of July... After the dancing and picnicing Mickey took Timmy to show some of his toys... And they just happened to be American symbols... A yellow cab, a yellow schoolbus and a Discovery Space(eeeh -ship??) 

Vacation.... It finally was decided. We are leaving. 

On the road. This the Magical Night we went 1200 km south from Kiruna. We saw the sun set and rise. We saw a Full Moon and Rainbows. 

Here is one of those Fairy Dust lakes we passed during night. Magical! To the right is the Full Moon in a blurry shot. Too dark to really show. It reflected beautifully in the lake below. The time must be around 2. 

Finally... After many hours on the road we reached Siksjön. Here we are having breakfast as the hole house is sleeping. The time is only right after 7 and they had a long night...  

The symbols of Härjedalen, a bear and a flower called Mosippa (an arctic or mountain anemone). Timmy is hanging just to the left of Elin. 

Cloudy Skies. Timmy looks out of the bay from the balcony. 

So what to do? We get the raincoats on and get out in the rain!! The kids climbed (with a little help) up the well to get out of the rain a minute... 

But here they are out in the rain again. This is on a bridge that Kat's cousin's son and his sister's boyfriend made earlier this summer to replace the old one that hardly held together. They are kute in their raincoats, don't you think?  

Going To Falun

Sightseeing in Falun. Here we are at the "Gruvrondell" looking at the entrance to the Falu Koppargruva (coppermine). The sign says: "Världens äldsta under" which is an equivoque, direct translation: "The World oldest miracle" but 'under' means also 'under', 'below'. The mine had it's 750th Anniversary a few years back. Now the mine is closed down. 

"Kårebocken" - the symbol of the mine. It was said that the goat found the copper when it rubbed the horns to the ground and they turned red. 

Old culture. These are mine-buildings. The yellow house to the right is the mine Museum. 

This is a big "lave" that I can't make an explanation for right now. Need to do some research in English broschures for that - which I don't have for the moment. 
The symbol in the top way up there is the new Logo for Stora, that used to be Stora Kopparberg. It's the symbol of copper/woman(female), a ring with a cross below. 

It's quite funny, I moved from one minetown to another. One, Falun, with the female symbol of copper and the other, Kiruna, with the male symbol of iron. 

A shot just for fun. This house belongs to MCK Wheelers, a motorcycle-club Kat used to be member of and is situated across the way from the mine-area. It's painted in Falu Red, the color that comes from the slag-rests of the coppermining. 

Going back to Härjedalen

This is also a part of Swedish history. The Wasalopps-mål in Mora. "I fäders spår för framtids segrar" says the sign ontop of the goal. The Museum to the right. A local toruist-train just got in when we came there for the photos. They said you can buy the famous blueberrysoup in the museum. That is what the runners drink in the "Wasaloppet" - the long skirace that takes place in March (almost) every year. 

Back in Siksjön. 
"How many men does it take to grill some burgers?" 
Answer: three. One that turns them and two that drinks the beers on the side... They took away the hammockseat and put the grill under the roof there instead.... Put a parasoll on the table. 

And while the men fixed dinner, Lisa and Kat amused us with other things.... I just had to take the shot of Timmy and the beercan. It has a Dalecarlian horse (Dalahäst) pictured and it's called Dalastark. Patriotism.

Time flies when you are having fun. Timmy in the sunset. The golden glitter at his side is a reflection in the lake between a house and the barn. We saw lots of bats flying in and out from the barn to the right, getting food. 

Lisa and Kat went into Sveg for some grocery shopping and took the time to visit their Grandparent's grave on Svegs Kyrkogård. 

Here Timmy is sitting on a columne in a corner of the church yard. I love this church! It's beautiful. 

Another shot of the church. Many churches in Sweden are painted white like this. To the right Timmy is sitting ontop the tombstone of Arvid and Ester Hillgren, our grandparents (Dad's parents). 

It's another rainy day... It's really pouring down. The kids look out of one of the tiny "bedroom" windows. We call the rooms "alkov". This view shows a part of the bay and the sauna that my Dad built with the help of my eldest brother.  

TT58.jpg (34107 byte) A closer look at the kids. They thought it was quite kool to stand there and look at the rain. 

Lennart says it can never rain anywhere like it does in Siksjön and I put this shot here to show some of that rain. Tilde is looking out over the lake with the rain pouring down from the roof behind her. The mountains are grey of rainclouds. 

Timmy and his new "pet". This guy is a Myskoxe and looks a bit like the American Bison, only these are a lot smaller. There is a small population of wild Myskoxar living in the mountains of the Swedish (Härjedalen) / Norwegian border. 

Yum Yum.... Vicky and Timmy are checking out a plate of cloudberries - or hjortron. Tastes like heaven! 

Leaving to go North again

Going towards Höga Kusten-bron.


"MOM!! Look, Robin Hood's got his own store here!!" 

This is a big storechain that sells everything from food to furniture. Elin and Erik sits in front of it and so does Timmy. Can you spot him? 

Kanalen in Piteå. Erik and I are going to see Lennart's sister that is in the park selling stuff on a fleamarket. This is Sunday and we are soon leaving to go home to Kiruna. 

Another part of the Kanal and Badhusparken. See the boat down there? 

Going even further up North... Back home

Here Timmy is are passing the Arctic Circle for the second time this summer and maybe the second time in his life?! It's a big tourist station here and not much to see. 

Power-wires. We passed several power plants on the way as Norrland is the cradle of most power in Sweden. It can be hard to see in this shot but there are many many wires crossin the skies on it's way down in the country. This comes from waterpower, Vattenkraft. 

This is in Porjus where one of the power plants are. This is a sculpture made of stone and iron and shows a river valley. The stones has two carved hands on each side of the "valley". The iron symbolizes running water. 

Here are fields where you can find the "Northern Gold" - Hjortron. Timmy is looking to see if he can spot some, but the car travels too fast for him 

And these three guys/gals popped out right in front of the car from the forest. Stupid creatures. Reindeers... 


Finally back in Kiruna. Here you can also see the Lappish name of the town, Giron. Giron is Lappish for Ripa - Ptarmigan, the white mountainbird that is the symbol of Kiruna. 

Mommy............ Timmy climbs all over the screen looking at his Mom at the Queen of the Prom convention. 
"Oh, you are beautiful Mom!! I wish I could be there to dance with you!"

Now what is going on here?!?? Lennart is moving the boattrailer and the kids jumped up in the boat to go for a ride! Now is that hilarious or what? The boy to the left is a neighbor kid that moved out of town just when we got back home. 
He will be greatly missed along with his sister and parents, that's for sure! 

TT87.jpg (29693 byte)
The boys are playing Peek-a-Boo in the birdfeeder cottage. They all seems to like this house!
Xena is also watching her master from inside/below. 

And the last shots of Timmy has to be some "tourist-pix" of Kiruna and the mine. He is looking over the minearea to the left and the mountains with the windmills to the right. 

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