Lisa Kline

Lisa lives with her Mommy Betsy in Concord, New Hampshire, USA.


This is my Vicky that has greeted Lisa welcome.... 

Lisa has been to the big Barbie Convention and the Kellabration meeting so she is dressed in a gorgeous golden gown that her Auntie BJ made for her and Vicky was happy that she had her lovely dress on too. She had also wanted to go but she couldn't. Lisa will tell her all about it later I'm sure... 

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"MOMMY!!! Who is it??? Who is it??" 

"Is Lisa home again?!??? MOMMY OPEN!!"

Yes it is Lisa, but not OUR Lisa. 

Lisa is liberated of her traveling compartment and Vicky gives her a big hug. They got along from the beginning even if my Vicky is a bit wilder a kid than I can imagine Lisa to be - even after spending some time with Trey Turner... 

Lisa is taking a nap after she arrived with her teddy Elvis in a firm grip. It looks a bit uncomfortable to sleep in that gown but she didn't want to take it off so I let her have it. 

A tired baby... 

She eventually woke up and is here telling Elvis some stories I believe. Guess she is a bit wondering about this country she is in... 

Bus Tour... Elin, Lisa and Erik are waiting for the bus to come and take us into town. 

Here we are at "Brända Tomten", a café. Lisa has her eyes on Erik's yummies. (The name comes from an old café that was burned down - brända=burned, tomten=yard - sort-of). Typical Kiruna and naming...

This is outside Kat's former job where she borrowed the digicam. It's called Parkskolan and this statue stands in a corner of the park. It's a "Lappgubbe" or a Lap for short.... 

And of course while outside Parkskolan we have to take the regular shot of our beautiful City Church, even if it was a bit hard with the sun above. 

Lisa is looking at the old Fire Station and a bit back you can see the City Hall clock tower. 

The yellow car to the left is a Post Car. The Mailman!! 

Here is where the postcars comes out. This is the back of the big Post Office. Lisa waited with Elin but there never came another... We saw four in the cross above! 

A sculpture made all in ore - not stainless as you can see. This was made for the Kiruna 100th Year Celebration in 2000. It's a man pushing an old ore-wagon from the time of the mine's beginning. Today there are huge machines doing this job.  

A more distant view with the symbol of ore (and male) ontop. 

A look from behind with the City Hall clocktower.. 

Lisa is sitting on his shoulder but it's hard to see. 

Some of the big ptarmigans (or Giron - the Lappish name for Kiruna and our Town symbol) scattered around town. These are made of concrete. Elin is holding Lisa with Erik behind. 

On events in town they light a fire in this "tower" that burns all day. Kute :-)

Inside the Post Office. Here is where all the World Tours take off from Sweden! Lisa is helping Erik take a queue-note. Not that many people inside but we still need to take one. 

Well back home again. Elin played with the dolls and some parkstuff and wanted me to take a shot. Lisa is ontop the slide. The focus isn't great but the batteries were passing out from the day on town...  

Hi Mom!! Can you see me?? Here I am playing with Elin's Tommy - the kid that got the bodytransplant when I arrived... 

See more of the playing here:

Yum Yum!! 

Lisa is all over my plate of Vanilla icecream and cloudberries, Hjortron och Vanilj-Glass. 

Lisa is taking a close look at a strange mushroom...  

Some outside photos. Had to go out as the skies were so cloudy and bright with the sun shining at the same time. Looks almost like thunder! 

Down at the railroad checking in the big ore-train engines. 

This particular engine is called Kunigunda. That is the name of a storybook-character. All the big blue engines have their own names (like my Oskar and Sigrid).

Lisa sits on the hood of my B-i-L's car while the guys are up on the garageroof to put up a tinroof. Had started to drip water and it was time for repairs! 

Erik is up there helping out too...  

Here we are in different views of the house. To the right are some wild flowers, called "Rallarrosor" - could be a straight translation of "Rail Roses" as they are pretty common around railways. 

Checking out the neighborhood. Erik showed Lisa the playgrounds...

... and took her up in a tree...  

Auntie Kat...  

Lisa and PeeWee are playing a game of (big) Tic-Tac-Toe... 

Looking at Kat's imprisoned kiddos. 

A silent moment with her doggie. Lisa is watching TV among Kat's teddies. 

"Uff... I am helping Kat put Timmy's album together. These pages are huge!"

Kiruna City Hall (Kiruna Stadshus). We are waiting for a bus to come as Sofie is finally returning from her Grandma. 

Here the bus arrives!! 

And there is Sofie! "HIII" Welcome home! We missed you!" 

Lisa is checking out the surroundings again. This is a big birch stub where Kat had plans to put a plant in summertime - SOME year... 

Views over our house. 

Lennart is coming home from work -------- >

This is a timer... Kat had food on the stove and took it out and Lisa found a mirror in it. 

"Ooohhhh, this smell d-i-v-i-n-e!!" Kat's Brother-in-Law came from the cabin with fresh captured and just smoked Whitefish. They were still warm!! And oooh so YUMMY! Kat had the kitchen full of drooling kids that wanted a bite. 

Soon leaving Sweden. Here are my gifts well wrapped up. 

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