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A quiet moment in the kitchen. Christie is sitting down with some of the kids and having a nice chat... This is the calm before the storm breaks loose.... 

A closer look at Mommy Christie and Deidre. 


Debbie wants to go play and asks the rest of the kids to come with her.

Lisa sits on the other side of the table and can't wait 
to explore the Mansion she is visiting for a month.
See more of Lisa's visit here

One of the housecats is lying way ontop a livingroom cupboard looking down at the excitement taking place below... 

... as the girls are chasing each other through the house.... 

Lisa is right behind PeeWee, going up into the Nursery. 

"WAIT FOR ME!!!" Debbie is a bit behind the other two girls and wants them to ease down a bit... They got a faster start from the kitchen although Debbie wanted to go first. 

Well up in the bedroom the girls attacked the grown up's bed... PeeWee is climbing up here while Debbie is jumping up and down and Lisa is sitting quietly... 


"What are you doing!?! PeeWee!! You should know better than that!! What do you think Auntie Christie would say if she caught you?" Brenda comes up the stairs as she has heard the noise and giggeling - more like thunderlaughs... from upstairs. 

"Sorry Mom!" PeeWee looks at her Mommy. "We won't do it no more."

Lisa slided down the bedside and Debbie sat down in pure surprise.... "Oops, sorry Brenda"

Debbie jumped up on a drawer instead to watch Lisa and PeeWee play with the dollhouse. 

She got a pretty good look from up above. 

PeeWee is playing with one of her sister's new dollies, Posh Spice. 

Lisa put Elvis up in the dollhouse but realized he was a little too big for it and tossed him out to play with Polly instead. 

Carla is playing with one of the bigger babydolls and baby Timothy is playing with some figures. Looks like he got attacked by the cowboy... 

Lisa found a tiny bed that she tucked her teddy Elvis in and rocked him. She sang him a lullaby too. 

Debbie got bored and went to explore the big chest instead. She found some games to play with...

... and sat down with an Etch-a-Scetch in the old rocking chair. This is something she likes to do and can spend hours doing. 

PeeWee and Deidre talked Lisa into playing a bit of Queen of the Prom with them and so they did. 


Page 12

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