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KUBB Sofie and Erik in a lifesize Kubb-game.

Vicky and Lisa are discussing the event of the day. "We are going to play some KUBB", Vicky says and Lisa says "HUH? Wha's that?" 
"We will show you"

Tilde found a great spot for the KUBB-game and Debbie went to get the bag. 

"Uff", she tries to lift it but it is very heavy... 

"Hang on, I'll help you" Mickey comes to the rescue and helps her get the bag out to the field. Vicky trips and falls in the excitement... 

They turn the bag upside down and the game-parts fall out... 

Lisa is still wondering what this is all about but the kids just say: "Check the pieces and see it's all there"

"I got the King" Vicky says. 

She puts is down and Mickey crawls all over the lawn to pick up sticks. 

"I'll get the Knights" says Debbie. 

Debbie checks that all pieces are there. She is counting them and the kids put them in order as there seems to be a piece missing... "One King, 1,2,3....9,10 Knights, 6 throwing batons and four cornersticks." Nope, all is there. 

Mickey and Debbie puts everything in order for the game. 5 Knights (or KUBBs) on each side and the King in the middle. 

Lisa got a copy of the KUBB Rules and sat down to read them. It was so much to read so she lay down on the grass. "Hmmm, there is the playscene. Looks exactly like they did it... " 

First throws are to determine who starts. Mickey goes first for his team with Vicky. "Pretty close"

Tilde gets to throw their stick. They stand on baseline and throw it towards the King. The one that gets closests starts the game. 

"YAY!! We start!"

Tilde and Debbie raise their hands in happiness as starting is always a good thing.  

Debbie is the first one to throw her batons. 

"Yayy! Got one in the first throw!" Debbie is a pretty good pitcher and should get if not all, at least some of her throws! 

You have to throw from under and no flipping (helicopterspin) is allowed. You CAN throw it sideways but always with an underhand-throw. 

Second one is a miss. 

Tilde's turn to throw her three. She hits two Knights of the other team. Hmmm, three out of six... 

Vicky's turn for their team. Now they have to throw out the fallen Knights. She aimes.... 


... and gets it just on the other side. Good hit! 

The games states you have to throw at the fallen Knights and knock them down before you can start throwing against the other team's baseline Knights. 

The second one falls a bit from the first one. "Oh, looks pretty close to the King. Have to watch that one" If you hit the King in midgame you loose! 

They threw all the Knights and Vicky will now try to hit them with her batons. They get three throws each (depending on how many you are in each team - you can be up to six on each side).

WOW, she hit the first one. "Good job Vicky!" 
She also knocks one of the baseline Knights, but that doesn't count and it has to be raised again. 

Mickey's turn. He knocks them all and can start throwing on the baseline KUBBs. 

Debbie sits down and watches her opponant hit one - and THREE knights! Mickey got two in one! 

"Ouch!!" Klutzy Vicky falls over and tip one of their Knights down!! That is one free for the other team... You have to be very careful! 

The game goes back and forth. One time Mickey and Vicky didn't manage to hit all the fallen Knights on the other side which means that Debbie gets a closer pitchline... You can stand at the kubb nearest the other field. 

Here she is knocking all their knights down... 

Tilde is reminding Mickey that he has to stay behind their Knight. 

He throws and in this round he has only one Kubb left to knock down! 

And YAY!! He hits the last one too! But they only have one baton left and that means you can't throw at the King yet! OK, one more round to go... Maybe... 

During the game the field attracted a lot of kids and they came from all over to watch the game... Thomas and Desi have found each other at last in their mutual interests and they came on their ponies to see the game.  

Tilde and Debbie has many many Knights to knock down but as they were so good in hitting one with the other they got several towers! Should be a piece of cake now! 

 They managed to knock the one behind the King too. Still seven to go... 

WOW!!! Debbie managed to knock FIVE in the same pitch!! What a girl!!! 

Tilde's turn.... She aimes... And knocks them all!!!! Only one Kubb to go and she takes it out too. "Phew" That was a round to talk about! But still they have to knock the King and now it's Mickey's turn. 

Mickey and Vicky manages to knock all their Knights down in four throws! ...

... which leaves only the King. 

Mickey backs down to base line for the final (?) throw... First one misses. "Phew"
One to go.... He throws the last one.... 

.....and it hits the King.... and it slowly tips over.... 

"YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" "We Won!!" Mickey and Vicky yells and screams in their happiness. Tilde and Debbie aren't bad losers and comes over to congratulate them. "Fair game"

The audience, including Lisa that thought this was a fun game, are in awe over the skills of the players and chats to and forth of who should have won and why not the others did and so on. 

"OK, gang", Mickey says. "I'll buy you all Ice-Creams!"

The kids walks over to the IceCream stand, for the day managed by Carla and gets an icecream each. This was a good day! 

Click here to see the official site on KUBB
And here for a short description of the rules
Want to try it yourself? Play Online!
Kubbin - a site made by US Students - they also have a lot of links to more "kubbin" 

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