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Oskar, Elizabeth, Shelly, Lorena, Rasmus, Vicky, Kathy, Tom, Mickey, Timmy / Pontus, Debbie, Sigrid, Keeya and Ryan.

A bouquet of lovely li'l kids celebrating SUMMER. 
It's the 4th of July and we helped tiny Timmy to feel a bit at home.

Swedish 'Midsummer' &
US 4th of July Fun
(<-------------  to greet Timmy Turner from Texas)

The kids are having tons of fun, dancing around the Maypole (or Midsommar-stången as we call it in Swedish). Oskar is the leader of the dancing and stands outside the ring of dancing kids. 

Out in the grass, PicNic-ing. 

Christine is chatting with Brenda and the kid are all over the tables looking for something to eat. Especially Keeya, the li'l brat. Ryan is giggeling and laughing so hard that he tips over!

Anna with her babies and Elizabeth are having a nice time on the blanket. 

Mickey is helping his Daddy Peter managing the grill. 

Kathy and Oskar relaxing. Thomas has climbed up in his Oncle Carl's lap and Desi hangs out with them. Debbie is playing around with Tom. 

Some misc photos to share...

Elin (left) and her friend Lisa (right) are having fun with Christie's Mansion. Sometimes they are allowed to play with it... Under strict orders... LOL! 

Elin's dollplaying results... A playground shockfull of kids hopping and swinging and do whatever kids do on a playground... 

Even the babies are playing! 

I got a fridge-magnet from my brand new sis-i-law this summer and Mickey wanted to share it with you. Catta was upset as it fell off the door every time she opened it and when I told her I looked for miniatures for the dollhouse she let me have it. THANKS CATTA! 

(My kid brother got engaged to her on Midsummer and we met for the first time this vacation)

Tommy is showing off his new car - a Fire Jeep. He absolutely LOOOVES it and is thrilled to show it to you wearing all his Fireman-gears! 

Mel is also showing a new car added to the gang. This one came from Auntie BJ and Mel is happy in all her glory. :-) 

Two lovely ladies in their summer hats. 

I had to add this shot too. We had live candles in Siksjön as there is no electricity and we wanted to save on the gas. Besides candlelights are lovelier than the horrible gaslamps! 

This candle burned down and Vicky wanted the remains of it. It looks like a Princess Crown! 

There might be more added here later...

Page 14

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