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Hmmm, what's up here?

"Hello and welcome to this TupperWare party. I want to thank Christie for hosting this in her lovely home. I may introduce myself too, my name is Vera" 

TW03.jpg (68420 byte) Christie's Mansion is full of people that are invited for a "plastic party".

Vera begins to show the things she has brought as well as some items that Christie had herself and put up to help with the info. Beatrice is Vera's best buddy and likes to help her with the parties.

Deidre was curious and had to come to Mommy Christie to check what the adults are doing. 

Nicola is checking out a new item that she had intentions of getting. She thinks this lided colander is clever! 

Brad stands in the back, ready to help the ladies with anything they might need... Like havin some lemonade or coffee later... Actually he thinks that TW do have nice things and is interested in looking at any news. 

Shanee and her twins, Prissy and Prue are attending too. 

The new twins in town.... April and June... Wherever ones goes, the other follows. They aren't just twins but best friends too. They both work as Baywatchers and always have this beautiful tan and love to show it off too. 

April to the left and June to the right. Just like their names, April is a scent of spring flowers and June is fresh like a summer breeze. Gorgeous and lovely. Two sweet ladies. 

Anything you wonder about?

Brenda is taking a closer look at something... 

Aah, it's a fridge smart. 

Vera's daughter always tag along on her Mom's parties too and is taking a very close look at the table of bowls and cannisters... 

A wider look over the table and the guests around it. 

In the other part of the room Nicola's sister is chatting with Carla in the new chairs... 

Arent' they COOL?? 

(These are actually cellphone-stands and came in a lot of "prints" but the only one left I wanted was the giraffe - I'd rather want the zebra- and tiger"prints").

Shanee's twins didn't pay much attention to the commerce around them but whispered secrets all the time... 

Mel got tired of hanging around the grownups and went upstairs to play with the dollhouse instead. She heard that Deidre just got a new doll and Mel wanted to know how she looked. Mel knew it was a Scary Spice that happenes to be Mel's biggest idol and she is dying to get just a doll like her too.  


Page 15

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