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  Summer Vacation 2002

On the train going to Dalarna to drop off the kids at Grandma's.

Looking out at the views passing the window.

Inside the compartment.

Elin saw a huge rainbow late at night and Kat took a shot of it. Can you see there are two of them?

And just after she fell asleep next to Erik.

Aaaah, morning lights.
Kitty and Bonnie are awake and checking the views.

Summer!! Now where is Ronny....

"RONNYYYYY!!! Wake u-u-p!!"

Ronny is sleeping like a baby...

"yaaaawn" Ronny wakes up and tries to get the sleep out of his eyes.

"What's up?? "  "Well, we are soon in Gävle and there we are getting off the train!"


Sightseeing in Dalarna

A day trip to Borlänge. That is the next town from Kat's folks.

We went shopping and had a Hot Dog and some chips.

"I recognize that!!" Bonnie looks happy when she sees the McDonald's signs.
This is Kupolen - a big shopping and sports centre where they also have Miss Universe contests and concerts.

Stora Tuna Kyrka. Sweden's - or at least Dalarna's highest country church. It's beautiful!

... and HIGH!!

Looking out over a stream close to the central of Borlänge!

Here we are going into a park. Kat wanted to see if she remembered where the fresh water well was. We never found it...


This is an ancient court yard!

The rock has a bronze plate with old text inprinted as well as an inscription on the rock itself. It tells why it's there and when it was raised - a looong time ago! 

A suspension bridge crossing the creek above.


In Grandma's Garden

Grandpa Bertil is putting some seeds and nuts into the bird feeder. Same model as Kat has - Daddy made both!

Kitty sits on the roof watching him.

We are waiting to see who gets here first...

Look! A squirrel!! They were a couple that came here fighting over the nuts. They are so cute!

Exploring the surroundings of Grandma's house.

HEY! There is Ronny!!

Bonnie and Kitty climbed up the pond wall to check what Ronny was doing.

He was sailing around this pond...

... with the sunlight casting shadows from the branches of the pine above.


What's up now?? Bonnie started screaming and just burst away from the pond in such a haste she almost fell on her knees!

Oh, there is something behind the bushes! Kitty doesn't look too frightened.

"Ease down!!" Kitty shouts after Bonnie. "He is not dangerous!"

Bonnie doesn't believe Kitty and runs away in fear.

"Bonnie!! Come meet him!"

"This is Charlie, our pet Croc who thinks he is a Gecko!"

"Giddy-up... arrrgghhh you are so SLOW!!! Go faster, Charlie!"


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