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  On the way home...

Here we are in Haparanda, the Swedish town on the border to Finland. Well, there is a bridge between our countries.

Looking out over the Torne River.

"Watch out or you will fall in the river! Then we will find you in Stockholm or somewhere!"

Kitty is leaning out to look at the water.

Dark clouds hanging over Finland...

Powerful view!

"Look! It's only 215 metres to Finland!!"

Kitty and Bonnie check across Torneälven towards the Finnish border.

More clouds.  

Having something to eat. Just seconds after I took this shot we had to make a run inside a shed there. The rain just poured down!

Kukkolaforsen with Finland on the other side. The rain keeps pouring on the wind shield.

A road sign showing Tornedalen (the Torne Valley) with the colors and flags of three countries, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Here we are crossing a bridge from Övertorneå into Finland

... getting closer to Suomi/Finland (Suomi means Finland in Finnish).

... and Aavasaksa. Kat had a classmate in school that came from here and that is the reason we chose to pass the river/border in Övertorneå. This store had a big sign on the roof telling we are in Aavasaksa and as Kat never has been there she had to take this shot!

Ruotsi means Sweden in Finnish :-)

Still pursued by dark clouds!

Crossing the Polar Circle. We went into a café here for a cup of coffee. When we stopped we had driven out of the rain but while inside zipping the coffee the rain caught up upon us and we had to make a RUN for the car when leaving again!

Here it shows we are in Lappish country.  A couple of reindeers on the road. The one to the right is pretty rough looking loosing his winter fur.

Lovikka. Famous for the knitted gloves and socks made of a wool yarn named by the village - Lovikka.

The yarn factory to the right.

Getting closer to Jukkasjärvi and Kiruna. Icehotel a bit up the road.

Skies just outside of Kiruna. Looks like the rain is slowing down!


Going camping

More rainy clouds here though. Lennart and Kat took a couple of weekends and went camping and fishing while their real time kids still were at Grandma's. We got to come instead ("we" are Kitty, Ronny and Lisa).

Ronny and Kitty are looking at the view in the front window of our car. The sight is breathtaking when the lake appears - Torne Träsk.

"Uff..." Ronny is helping Lennart with the boat trailer...  Only thing is... We aren't loosening the wagon from the car!

Packing the boat still on the trailer.

Feeling good in the sun.

"Now give us a hand girls!!"

Lisa that got back home just in time for this trip of course had to come too and get to know Kitty and Ronny that are new in the family since she left Touring the World a year and half ago! They are second cousins actually. Imagine how amazingly the relations occur... LOL!

Ronny wanted to stear the boat too...

"Take her out to Sea Mr Mur.... " Hmmm, will not finish that sentence as we don't want anything close to what happened to THAT ship....

Dark clouds....

... on the skies! We got over the lake just in time to put up the tent on dry ground...

... before the rain came. This is what we saw of the skies off and on during the weekend. LOL! Inside of the tent roof...

HEY KIDS!! Get off that glass!!

Uh-Oh! They sniffed too hard on the Cloudberry liqeur...
The glass is empty and the kids passed out!

A view over our camp. The waters looks pretty still... but that is just the calm before the storms...!

A view from inside the tent. Kitty waits to go fishing!

Ths kids climbed onto the boat.... "COME ON!!! Let's go FISHING!!"

Ronny found some cute flowers he wanted to pick for a special girl...

Oh, Kitty thought they were for her and he picked them for Lisa!

Kitty got a bit grumpy but found a flower she liked in a sunny yellow color.

"Wooowieeeeee... Out to the sea!!"

Well... it's a lake and not a sea! Could be mistaken by a sea for these tiny rascals though.

A boat is passing halfway out on the lake.

Dark clouds came rolling in from North west.
Photos below: I stood waiting for the rain for about 20 minutes and took some shots of the clouds rolling in and the increasing wind. There are "white geese" on the lake - which means NO TIME to be out on the lake....




Brrr.... Kat looks frozen don't you think?

Still Leben... LOL!

Lappish Waters... Hmmmm, that was a beer. ;-)

A small but beautiful white finned Alpine Char.

A closer look at the pretty red color and the typical salmon family dots!


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