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  Something is arriving in the mail...

Kitty and Ronny are opening a big box that came in the mail one day.

"Lots and lots of paper..."

Check this out, Kitty!

"Hey, I got one too!"

Oh, there were more stuff.
A small wicker set of table, sofa and chairs. COOL!

Easter Vacation 2003

Another Easter to be spent in the cabin belonging to Kat's He is constantly working on the buildnings here. One is about to become a sauna.

Just lying around in the sun feeling good.

The furry thing is a reindeer skin/fur.

Erik and Sofie are preparing for some winter fun.....


We made a snowman!! (with a bit of help from Erik)

Kitty is climbing trees....

Ronny found a rock on a hill and he sits there watching his sis below.

Erik made them a birdhouse (above Kitty's head).

Going for a sleighride down the local slopes :-)


Kitty runs down the hill...

... but falls off her sleigh!

"Hey Kitty! You OK?" Ronny is a bit worried.

"I'm fine!!"

Kitty giggles as she rolls around in the slope.

Here they are relaxing outside a café that is built in the snow...

A closer look. They even have a tiny fire in front of them... well, sort of... 

And here's a life size fire! We bring this along to be able to have a fire anywhere :-)

Kitty and Ronny and their new pet, a Husky pup.  


A couple of late evening shots from the cabin side of "Storselet". Reamins of the sun shimmers in the ice and water.

Snowmachines to the left is the family going out on a late night fishing trip :-)


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