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What is up here?

Becky sits there in the flesh....

... and Linda seems to be wearing something not belonging to her...
I believe it gets an explanation somewhere below!


Becky is going to Camp Wizzy

"MOM! You can't sit there in nothing. Remember people are going to read this story!"

"But I am not nekkid! Look!"
"MOM! That doesn't help much....."

Hmmm, wonder who is the mommy here?

"OK, Sweetie, better like this? Shall we let this story begin now?"
"Mom, I found your shades!"
"Can't wear them with a night gown...."

"Now, which bag you think I should take to pack my stuff when going to Oklahoma? Maybe I need a trunk? There was quite a list Wizzy made up for me."
"Yeah, the Pooh trunk is cool Mom! But too big! My bag will do fine. You can have that!"

"Tam ta da, tralalalaaaa... "

Linda dives into her travel bag to see if anything was left in there after her own trips around the world, well USA. She has travelled more than Mom! Probably takes after Daddy Kenneth although he does it through work (He's a Marine).

"HEY!!! My sunglasses!! I wondered where they had gone!"

"OK, Mom. Bag is all settled up to you now. I think it's empty. Need any help packing?"

Linda is actually putting out a white lie there as she left her photoalbum in there in case her Mom would get homesick.

"Oh, well Sunshine, you can help me. By getting out of the way!"

Becky knows her daughter too well and behind that freckled sweet face of hers is really a little rascal hiding that can make up anything and you never know what you'll end up carrying extra....

"OK, Mom, I will stay here then! Out of the way..... Ooooh, that dress Mom!!! Put it ON! I want to see how you look in it!!"
"OK, I need to try it on anyway. Been a looong while since I used it last. Think when Daddy took me for Dinner in that small French restaurant, remember?"

"Oh, Mom! You look like Cinderella!"

"Oh, you little Darling! That is so sweet of you. By the way, you look too cute in my bikini top. It's a little too big, don't you think? But the color suits you, Sunshine :-)"

Becky kisses her and let her down on the floor again. 

Linda crawls up to Mom to put on her shoes, while Becky tries to pack down the bikini.

"Let's see, what do I have now? Swim suit, nightie, underwear, ooh, and the dress I am wearing..."
"Linda! Stop that. I am thinking!"

"Lift your FOOT, MOM!!!!"

"NOW. That is great. I wish Daddy was home to see you. You are so beauuuutiful!"

"Mmmm, I wish Daddy was home too. I will be gone camping a while and I wanted to say Bye to him. Oh, well. We are both home sooner than we think."

***** <Kenneth> *****

"OK, DONE! Some magazines to keep me company on the flight. Sleeping bag is here and I am settled to go. Wonder what adventures Wizzy and Tammy has come up with? I am hoping to meet with Theodora."

"Yeah! She is the one with all the teddy bears, right Mom? Say Hi to her from me too and let her know I think her collection is AWSOME!"


Camp Wizzy, here I come!

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