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"Hi there!!
We are here to tell you about all the fun we had on vacation this summer (of 2003) when we went to Dalarna and Kat's parents to celebrate her Daddy's 70th birthday... Among other things."

These photos were taken just for fun, and for an Internet pal of Kat's, Nat. City signs to the left say Örnsköldsvik. Do you have any idea who lives there? Or rather who comes from there?

Here are the first houses you see when you enter the "town" that now also just opened
it's first big 18 hole golf course. Our town celebrity is one of the people behind it...
Who he is? Well.... Foppa of course!!! Peter Forsberg.

And here we are at the stairs of the brown brick house where Kat's parents live. Or Elin's grandparents as she joined us here.

Takes a while to climb all these stairs when you are a tiny wee one.

Mickey, Vicky and Linda are chatting about something interesting. The rain outside?

It was a bit boring when it rained and rained and rained...

Getting ready and dressed up to celebrate Bertil. Linda brought Vicky's favorite gown. A frilly thing in pink...

Kids lined up: Linda, Kitty, Ronny, Vicky and Mickey (of course including his cap)

Well..... The Birthday "kid" himself doesn't seem too impressed by the wee ones' efforts of dressing up on his behalf.... He just sits there zipping his coffee and having a mid day sandwich.   

"Pappa" Bertil, 70 today!  

Here he looks the happier!! With his newest grand daughter. And who can do anything but smile around this redheaded li'l  Darling? Julia takes the world with storm!! 

Kitty found a cozy pal on the sofa. 

Rain rain rain........ 

Kitty and Ronny went out on the back porch instead with their new pup.

Fixing a Birthday Dinner

Here we are at Kat's sister Lisa to prepare for the birthday dinner - a few days after Grandpa's actual birthday. We are celebrating both grannies as Grandma will be 70 in September.

"Hellooooo!! Can you see us?

Hey kiddos. Get down from there and come and help us fix dinner instead!!   

"OK, here we are."

"What does this do? Can I pull here??"

You are NOT helping....

Lisa peels potatoes and onions and Kat will cut the meat.

Shopping and cutting.

Kitty gives a hand too.... 

"Kantareller!!!!" (a yellow mushroom that is one of the tastiest around!!

Mmmmmm, Kitty takes in the lovely smell from the frying pan...

"Phew... It is really hard work making dinner. We need to get some rest". 

Kitty ands Ronny made themselves comfortable in a glass plate on Lisa's kitchen table.

Shopping Spree

And one day Lisa and Kat went to Gävle to kill a day at IKEA. Was really funny looking at everything there!

Here we are in the shopping cart. Been a long and hot day!
It's nice to rest a while when Lisa went to get the car.


Page 20

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