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Kat's two plus two favorite siblings.
Ronny and Kitty.

Mickey and Vicky.

All the kids gathered on the front lawn. This is a lovely place for kids to run around. Big grass areas, close to water. Out in the country!
"VICKY!!!! What are you doing in MY SHIRT??" Hmm, she had snatched one of his shirts just beacuse it has prints of sea animals all over it. Luckily for Vicky, Mickey loves his sister so much so he lets her keep it - a while!

Hanging around the lake.

Kitty sees some tiny fish in the water

"LOOK at that fish there!!".

Hmm, hard to see in the dark water!!

Vicky is sun bathing.

Ronny and Mickey are chatting and just feel good in the sun.

"Hey! I want to do something else. Let's get the swimfins!!"

"Wait for me Kitty!!"
"VICKY!!!!! Bring my fins toooooo!!" Mickey shouts from behind.

"Hmm, swim fins? I didn't bring mine" says Linda. "At least I don't think so. Oh, well it's nice to sit here and do nothing too. Kiruna can be such bore"
"Yes, this is LIFE!!" gasps Ronny while he takes in the sun.

Ooopsie daisy. Vicky fell over as usual when trying to get those fins on.

"You are such a cluts" Ronny giggles and Vicky just bursts out in laughter.

Maybe we should go swim with the fish down there? Mickey checks in the waters below.

"Have you seen my new fins Kitty?" Vicky shows her brand new fins with glitter. She is a glittery kid!

"Ronny!! Mickey! Come on! Let's go swimming!!"

"Eeh, we will just stay here and count the fish!"

Oooh, you are ALL such bores!!! I have to go somewhere else.



Late at night and time for PJs... 

Elin's Shelly jumped up on a red ball of yarn that Kat is making a dress from. "It's so warm and cozy!"

The gang gathers for a PJ's parade.

Jenny, Linda, Vicky, Ronny, the Pup, Mickey, Kitty and Shelly.

Another day is to an end.

Kitty, do we have anything to add now?

No, I think that was it. That was all the photos Kat had!


Page 21

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