JerriLynn Rose Akers

 This li'l cutie comes from Manchester, Washington, USA. Mommy's name is Georgianna.


Now according to Mom this girl likes to go on detours and BOY did she!?? JerriLynn arrived to Kiruna and Sweden 6 weeks after her leave from Texas,USA. 

This photo is taken late on her visit with us and she is soon going back home. Late afternoon sunlight - that is what gives this photo the yellowish tone. JL loves Yellow and Pink so what can be wrong with that? 

Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger and better photo.

Anna Maria and Debbie is waiting to see who their next friend is. OK, they DO know as Mom has tlked about her all the time for a month. To the left is a reason for her 6 week - well at least 5w-delay. A Swedish magazine with big headlines of the WTC-tradegy on Sept 11th. 

OK, the girls helped open up the box. Hmmm, there's noone here Mom! Just some weird ikky stuff. "Waaaahhh a Spider!!" 

Oh, another box. "What's this? Is this where she is, Mom?"

"Look at me Mom, Look at me!!" 

Anna-Maria get down from there! 

Debbie thinks this is the coolest thing she has ever seen! 

"Uuff! Debbie can you help?!?" 

"Hi I am JerriLynn and I come from Washington."
JL got some wellneeded rest after her looong journey before her adventures in a new country begins. 

A Day at Work...

...Oncle Lennart's in this case. 

He called us at 7.30 one morning and said we could come see them when they fixed a piece of new rail just where we lives that was too high from the rest of the tracks. 

"Can you see me Mom??" JerriLynn is holding Lennart's hand in a firm grip at his grinding-machine. 

These guys are drilling new holes in the new rail-part.... 

"eeeiiiihhhhhhhhh" The sound is horrible! 

And this machine is also making a lot of noise! We had to stay on a distance when Lennart was grinding the rails or we might have caught fire! 

"Here we are inside their "bus" - actually a first for Kat too!! The driver refused to have his photo taken (but he thought I was cute and asked who I was) so Lennart showed me the driver's seat. Can you see the lovely skies through the windows Mom?"

Another look further inside. 
"This is their "office". LOL! These guys don't have an office Mom. In here they eat and relax between jobs Lennart told me." 


"Guess what I am doing here?"


This is taken another day than the one above. Better weather. My Dad made this birdfeeder for us a couple of years ago. He has one just like it and I always wanted one. Looks like a timber log. 

"We put some seeds inside and LOOK!!! A Birdie!" 
This one is called Talltita in Swedish. Would translate to pinetit or something. 

And a very sad thing happened on one of the first days... This beautiful redbreasted male bird flew right into one of Kat's kitchen windows and broke his neck. This bird symbolizes Christmas in Sweden and is called Domherre. Sad on a beautiful bird that we love so much.  

"Outside temps seems OK, can we go out Kat?" 

It's a sunny day and quite lovely! 

Playing in the bird feeder is a lot of fun according to ALL my guests. Guess it has to be because it is close to their own size. I know my own kids likes to play in new things they see. 

"I'll help you put the seeds here Kat!" 
Sure kiddo. 

Going down town

A cold but beautiful day. Elin, Erik and Kat went downtown and took Anna-Maria and JerriLynn along too. 

Elin is holding the girls to show some of the surroundings and the white mountains. Left, the Kebnekaisemassive and our windmills, Right, our mine-mountain, Kirunavaara. 

Kat's favorite store. No toys, but tons of teddies and other fun gifts. This is a pure gift shop and Kat buys angels and teddies and all sorts of tiny things here for her swaps. 

On the bus back home.  

The bus took us out to the LKAB-area - only some of the ones a day do but we seem to always get 
on one of those...  

Back to our destination. Here's where we get off and JerriLynn could "Plinga" for Stop. 

Back to our destination. Here's where we get off and JerriLynn could "Plinga" for Stop. 

Back to our destination. Here's where we get off and JerriLynn could "Plinga" for Stop. 

Back to our destination. Here's where we get off and JerriLynn could "Plinga" for Stop. 

Back to our destination. Here's where we get off and JerriLynn could "Plinga" for Stop. 

Open house at school. 

Elin and Erik's classes shows off their trip to Lannavaara and Karesuando mixed with a "show-what-we-do-in-school" expo.  

This doesn't have anything todo with the above. Meet Pigge, who is a mascot in Erik's class and he travels like we do. If one of the kids or their parents (or anyone they know) is goign somewhere Pigge gets to travel too. He has been to Singapore, China, Mallorca, USA and a LOT of other places which can be told by the maps and all postcards. 

Erik's classroom. 

"Can you spot me Mom?"

Elin's classroom. Elin and Sofie are waiting for the action to take place. Closer look to the right (same photo). 

Elin is showing Daddy Lennart one of their math-sticks. 

Erik is reading something to his teacher, Lena.

This is a miniature of the bus the kids traveled in. Can you see the kid in the windows and outside the bus? "Hörwalls Bussbolag"

Some contents of a "backpack" - the picnic. 

Elin and JL shows all of Kiruna and the roadmap to Lannavaara and Karesuando. 

Helping Kat making some coffee. 

Lennart's Dad has made the coffe Jar to the left. 
It's made of birch-bark. --------------->

"Uff" JL is having some difficulties with the big brewer.  

JL helped me switch the floppy unit. Again.   

JL and her gifts, all wrapped up in a yellow and pink box (what else? that Elin made just for her, also dressed in her new coat. Pink fleece with yellow teddytrim. 

Here Jerri Lynn is saying good bye to Kiruna and her Auntie Kat. :-) 

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