... "Only four months this time".....
.... it turned out to be a "little" more than that :-) 

Here is the reason for that (click pic to see it bigger): 
Lisa arriving at J'Amy's in California. J'Amy volunteered to take her in for a while as Lisa never have been to California and there are many things to see. You'll know later what I mean. 

All photos are taken by J'Amy Pacheco and the comments are (mostly) hers. 
Click them to see a slightly bigger one.


  • May --> September
    ~ I am on an extended Tour-visit with J'Amy in California. I got to meet Mr Jim's girl Sybil too as she is visiting J'Amy and so is a girl named Whitney. Actually she is visiting J'Amy's daughter but we are all guests of the Pacheco House.
    ~ J'Amy says I might go to Disneyland. If I can stay as long. It will be in June. "OF COURSE you can stay kiddo!" 
    ~ June 4th. Tomorrow is THE D-Day. D for Disneyland. 
    ~ June 19th. Waaay koolio! J'Amy took Sybil Faraone and me to the Roy Rogers/Dale Evans Museum and we actually met Roy Rogers Jr! See below! 


  • This is a Hilarious story and right to the point... Sounds like me. I had to put this here as it involves my li'l Lisa and some of the shots below.... Written by J'Amy upon a question on the FDM-board that also is doing World Tours (Jim's Sibyl is one of those)... Enjoy! (I did!)
    ~ Subject: Just for fun....
    "You know you've been playing with Barbie too long when you spend a hundred bucks to get yourself and your five-year-old into Disneyland; then you get home, get your pictures developed and realize you've got 23 pictures of dolls having fun, and only one of your daughter...and in it, she's posing dolls..."



I've been bowling with J'Amy and her 5 yearold daughter and a friend of hers. It was lots of fun! Here is Sibyl throwing the bowlingball... 

This is were I met Dusty - Roy Rogers Jr and he went along to take a shot with me :-)

Witney and I met Trigger. This stuffed horse of Roy Rogers'..... He is cute but a bit big!!

At the Movies. We went to see Shrek... 

Witney and I meeting a Dino in the dinosaurpark in Cabazon... 

At Disneyland! We met Chip and Dale. 

Doll Liberation Army at work in a Mall Restaurant...

"We were having lunch at the mall one day when Sybil spied some dollies
imprisoned in cardboard cages. We decided to stage a rescue. Whitney and I
held Sybil's legs while she dragged the boxes out of the bags..."

"It wasn't easy, but we got the boxes onto the table. Whitney and I struggled
to pull Barbie's liner while Sybil tried to free Teresa..."

"All those twisty-ties...what a mess! What a challenge! Teresa got out, but
horrors! Barbie's hair was stuck. It took some doing, but we FINALLY got her

"We rode the boxes like sleds down the chairs, dropped to the floor and ran
like the wind! We never looked back! (Well, Sybil did.) Our friends were
liberated; they say we are heroes!"


  • More photos will come as soon as J'Amy has had them developed and sent to me. Stay tuned... 



Lisa got to see Disneyland TWICE... 

" Hi Mommy! J'Amy is SO slow at scanning that I decided to take over. It was hard for little me to press those computer keys; fortunately, I was able to get a Gene doll to help me. So here they come!!! The first one is another from Disneyland; from our first day there. The one you have, where we're all in red, white and blue, is from our second day there." (pic above)

"Here we are at...well, it's probably kind of obvious where we are. You can't see me very well, but I'm there. Jim's Sybil is to the left, right next to Baby J. I'm on her lap."

Lisa and Witney playing in the fountains (and yes, getting wet) at Universal Studios.

Lisa, Witney and J'Amy (J'Amy's daughter - and yes they have the same name) in the Lucy musuem at Universal Studios.

And guess who Lisa met....??? (Would Mom have loved to be there!!?)

"This is Witney and I at the Cirque du la Mer at Sea World."

"This is me at "Dinner With Shamu". (He's the big whale in the background.) This was taken at our dinner table; J'Amy apologizes for having too much flash on my face. It was getting dark, and she was too close to me. (As often happens.)"

"This is Witney and I making do without swimsuits and frolicking in the fountains at J'Amy's Dad's house during our trip to San Diego. Don't I have a cute little b*tt?"

Hmmmm.... Showing off like that... Kids! Looks warm and nice tho' and Mommy is a LITTLE jealous!

"If you look closely at the upper left corner of this picture, you will see Jim's Sybil, Witney, Gertrude (another visitor) and I making a wild jump into the jacuzzi during our San Diego trip. I...uh...got wet. But I'm dry now."

"California Palm trees!! They sure are bigger than I am!"

This is Sybil, Witney and I at Raleigh Studios. It was founded by Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Charles Chaplin.

"Here we are with Mary Pickford...well, a pick-ture of her, anyway." 

This is baby J, Witney and me. 

"Here we are visiting the historic Sheriff's station in Victorville. It's from the 1800s and is about the same size as a bathroom. Needless to say, they don't actually use it any longer."

Mom: I like it and the fact that all the girls are dressed in Cowboy-outfits! KOOL! 

Going to the Prom... What are a girl to wear?? (LOVE this shot!)

"This is J'Amy's favorite picture of me. (Don't I look good in heels?) The best thing about J'Amy's house is that we NEVER run out of quality footwear!"



Lisa and Witney are at the National Convention 2001; "Barbie Going to the Prom". 
"Here we are meeting some of the table gift dolls J'Amy's friend Nancy made for her tablemates..."



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