Lisa is getting ready for her second World Tour.
Here she is saying goodbye to Santa - or one of them... Must be an elf as there is only one Santa.

Anyway, she has packed her suitcase and is soon leaving for a new adventure. Only four months this time.
(it turned out to be a "little" more than that :-) )



She is back into her Swedish costume as the ambassador she is. 

  • January 6, 2001
    ~ I'm soon off to meet Angie in Pendleton, Oregon on my first stop. Mom has told me about her studio (seems like a place to stay out of!!) and about the twins Darla and Karla and it will be fun to meet them all. 
    ~ I have packed a dress, a playsuit, a bathing suit (Mom says I won't be using that one but I wanted to take it anyway) and the new PJ that Auntie Fiona sent us. Ooops, almost forgot the most important, my beloved teddybear, Elfie in his santasuit. 

  • January 8 
    ~ Left Kiruna today. 


Lisa on her travel-day. She brings a basket with a 'Piece of Kiruna' to each of her Tour Mommies. 

Click to see a bigger photo.


  • January
    First stop is with Auntie Angie. This will be a blast! 


  • February
    ~ Second stop is with Darla in Carolina :-) 
    ~ I met Becky's Kayla before I left to visit her Mommy.


  • April
    ~ 13th, arrived to Becky's today. She says I will do some Easter Egg hunting this weekend!



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