With a little help from Mom, (not her dollMom Becky but reallife Mom Kat) Linda has packed her new leatherbag with clothes, her tiny passport, a photoalbum with her family and friends and her "Bonnie" - the soft rabbit.

Click the small pictures below to see a slightly bigger one


All ready to go!


  • Linda's luggage consists of:   

~ Bonnie, a yellow brownish stuffed rabbit (not the tan one here)
~ A pink flowerprint playsuit (aka Dentist patient's o/o). 
~ White and pink tee with flower (FA) 
~ Hearts & Flower/checkprint skirt - and pants (FA w the tee above)
~ Hot pink flowerprint twopiece bathing suit (Surfer o/o) 
~ Blue/yellow shortalls (AP Kel o/o)
~ Light blue sundress (playpak 2001)
~ Pink tee (AP Kel o/o)
~ White tennisshoes
~ Lemonyellow jellysandals
~ Linda's Photoalbum
~ Passport
~ All put in a brown leather bag



  • Saying goodbye. 
    ~ Before leaving Kiruna and Mommy, Linda took a trip up to the local mountain to wave bye to the Midnight Sun. 
    See more here...  



Linda also got to stay in US on an extended visit. She went to see Angie Gill after her tour was over. 



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