Kelly Scarlett Medlock

Meet our first overseas visitor: Scarlett Medlock. She lives with her parents Kathy and Jerry in Georgia in southern USA and it was a big change to come to the cold north in Scandinavia.


I am pleased to introduce you to a pretty li'l Southern Belle named Kelly Scarlett Medlock. She came dressed in a beautiful gown that her Mom KK made for her.

First evening visiting her Aunt Kat. 

Map over Sweden.

Kat & Scarlett

Click the thumbnails below to see a slightly bigger and much better photo.

Shelly and Scarlett is looking out the window from Kat's work towards Kiruna Kyrka, the redpainted city church built of wood. 
A couple of stores above there is a Webcam towards the same view.

Scarlett is helping out with the packing of the computers (she is in the light to the far left of the bags...) We put them in plastic sacks to be safe from dust from the repairs in the building. The office is moving over the summer to a school in town.

Here she is helping Kat shutting the Server down as we are taking it with us to our new location.

Kat is switching her old floppy unit for a "new" one as it totally stopped working and Scarlett is helping out...

Here Scarlett is with a tiny screwdriver Tommy let her borrow.

A bigger shot of her holding that screwdriver.

OK, Kat, where do I go now??? Where are those screws??

A closeup of Scarlett inside (!!) the computer. Rascal! Guess my other babies have had a tiny bad influence on her....

She climbed up on top the computer looking for screws to work on.

"HEY, Lennart, can I have some macaronis??"

He doesn't look too disturbed of Scarlett climbing all over his lunch plate...

The kids are playing with their vehicles. Tommy is showing off his four wheeler and Scarlett borrowed the Power Wheels Jeep from Shelly and gave her a ride around the house.

Teddy Heaven!! 

The kids are bathing in teddies. You see AA Dent (give me a name for her!!), Bommy, Scarlett and Shelly and LOTS of soft teddy bears and rabbits. 

A happy li'l girl with her old teddy and the new one, both in a firm grip. 

The beanbag-sack was part of the Accessory SWAP from another Southern girl - Carolyn.  

One li'l exhausted baby passed out on Christie's bed in the dollhouse. Christie's cat laid down right beside her. 

Marisa and Scarlett in Kattis Design oriental outfits. Wonder what they are talking about here? 

The girls played with Erik's LEGO-dragons and took one each and flew around the house chasing Dizzy. 

"Hi Mom! Have you seen anything like this before???? What IS that thing?? Kat says I will get one with me when I go. What are they?"

"And look at this!! They even have parking lots for them!! So that is their name, Kat says - Spark. She said it's called kick-sledge in English." 

"Can you see me??? Have you ever seen this big birds? These are called Ripa, Kat says or Giron in Lappish and that is where Kiruna got it's name. Kiruna is "Swedish" for Giron. Strange I thought Giron was Lappish for Ripa??"

We took a trip up to the city skiing mountain, Loussavaara - that happens to be part of the LKAB-name - Loussavaara Kirunavaara AktieBolag - you can see Kirunavaara in the back, across the lake. That is where the mine is. 

The girls are standing in the "window" of the startbox at the down ski-hill looking out at Kiruna. 

"Look Scarlett, there is where we live. Down there". The girls are pointing towards Lokstallet - our tiny community a few km outside of Kiruna. Our house is right beside Shelly's hair - you can see our neighbor's black house a bit to the left of her.

"Hi Mom! Look at me and all these mountains! Kat says that you should see the highest mountain in Sweden on this picture. It's called Kebnekajse." 

It's hardly seen as it is so far away - behind all those blue hills... Kat's comment. 

"Look at us Mom!! This is where I am supposed to use that Kick-sledge!! Snow - in June!! Cool. Or rather freezing. But it was fun to play in the snow. Just a tiny tiny pile of snow - enough for us to play in!" 

Elin found it at the back of that start-box. Was cold behind it up on the top. 

"Here we are shopping groceries. It's Lennart that holds the wagon. He didn't want in on the picture but he giggled at the whole idea. Can you see me standing on the butter?" 

"Hey, look at all this stuff!! I want to play!!! Why does it say Shelly?? OK, a few of my new friends here are called Shelly...."

"WHAT ARE THEY DOING IN THE BOXES?? Can't someone let them out to play with me? We found a li'l something on a shelf there but Kat said I won't get it :-( She said it is for Belinda Norrick. O well, I know she will have fun here!"

"Back "home" again. I'm helping to unpack the food - AND CANDY!!"

"Elin and Erik are dividing the candy into their big mugs that Kat says is from USA!! Their Uncle Ulf bought them - they are 'Thermos' - wha's that?? Can you see me hanging on one of them? CANDY..... I want some! "

"WOW!!! I got some Jelly rats. They are BIG!! But Yummy...." 

Nikki took the kids out to ride the horses. Quite a family. The had a great day out in the grass. 

Scarlett borrowed Shelly's riding outfit and took Susie with her. 

"I have a friend at home just like her that is named Melody. Susie is just as sweet as her."

The kids are jumping and playing with my fabrics.... Hard to get anything done as they took the ribbons and ran! 

"Mom, can you see what I am wearing?? I have a jacket just like this at home!"

A very tired li'l girl found a soft spot to lie down and rest a minute after that exhausting time above... and I sneaked in with the camera... ;-) 


June 10
Here Scarlett is in church with Elin and her friends on the last day of school. 
The girls are from the left: Mia, Lisa, Elin and Barbara.

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