Ellen Ensor

Meet our second overseas visitor: Ellen Ensor. She lives in Maine, USA with her parents Roberta and Gene.


This sweet li'l girl is Ellen Ensor and she has come to Sweden for a few weeks. She will hopefully go to places her great grandma was raised and lived before she left for America in 1923. 

Check the map here:

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I will add even more pictures later as I get my films developed.

Falun, Dalarna, Sweden 07-00

Ellen has arrived... 

What are the kids looking at?? 

Oooh. It's Kat's 12 years old dog Dacke. He is looking very wondering. 

Dacke lives with Grandma and Grandpa as Daddy is allergic. He gets very spoiled there. 

Pontus and Ellen are checking out the surroundings in Grandma's Garden. 

Ellen has climbed up a huge hill. Now she sits on the top waiting for Pontus to get up there after her. 

"Ellen.... Wait for me....!!"

In town to see some of the Falu Folkmusik Festival in the rain. 
We saw a car and Ellen shouted out load: "It's an American car!!! I know those Stars and Stripes!"  (It's actually from a local Pan Pizza restaurant)

Ellen is meeting one of the local celebrities that is blowing huuuuge soap-bubbles. He is called Fingal and he does lots of fun stuff for kids (he is a formar schoolmate to one of Kat's elder brothers). 

Elin is trying to do big bubbles too, and I think she is doing GREAT! 

Elin and Ellen is listening to a band from Bolivia. Hard to stand still when these guys play!! They travel through the country and some of them actually lives in Sweden. We have seen them in Kiruna too last summer. They are great.  

Here is Ellen with two of her new friends. Kat's new DARLING Miss Kanina, the pink rabbit, and her own new teddy-friend - another rabbit. 

Ellen is asleep with her new bunnyfriend under a bunny-blanket. Miss Kanina is watching over her. 

Tomorrow we will travel again. 

Good Morning!! Dacke came upstairs to see if we were awake. 

"See Dad???? See where I am??" 

And this might be the right house. Järnvägsgatan 13 in Kil. Too bad nobody was home so we could check it out for real. 

And of course we need to eat!! One of the McDonalds in Karlstad and the kids got some new furry friends.... Furbie and Action Man. 

Ellen and Kat went into town with Kat's friend Li that got hungry and grabbed a hamburger. She had been working nightshift and which meant no breakfast that morning. 

Here we are going to the mecka of Dalecarlian Horses... It's in Nusnäs they are made. 

"WOW! Mom, can you see me?? I'm on the head of the big red cock. Horses I have seen, but never any cocks!!" 

"Elin and I are checking out quite a big horse." 

"And here's a BIGGER one! Can you see the pig in the other end?? Cool!!"

"This is a phonebooth. Can you see me on the handle? I wanted so much to call you Mom!!" 

This blue color is typical for Dalarna but it's not THE Dalablue which is a specific tone of blue. The paintings are called Kurbits, which is a stylished flowerpattern painted for hundreds of years in the Dala-county.

"Can you mail me to Mom??" 

"No, dear. You'll have to travel the regular way..."

It was closed the first time we visited so we couldn't get any postcards to drop in the mailbox. 

The second visit.... Ellen is bathing in tiny horses of all colors. Can you see her?? 

Here the kids are in Siksjön. Finally. Lennart is washing the car after his long trip from North of Sweden. 

Another view of the same part of the yard. My parents lived in that house when my eldest brother was born in 1952. 

A view over a part of the lake - our little bay with the sauna furthest away and a boathouse nearest. Both are made from old hay-barns. 

The kids are lying around in the sun. It wasn't raining ALL the time. 

But here you can tell it HAS been raining. Pontus and Ellen are checking out the sealine. Ususally it goes below the bridge there.... It's up on the lawn here. 

A closer look at the kids. 

Enjoying the summer's day in the grass. 

Pontus picked a huuuge bouquet of field-flowers for Ellen. 

A closer look at a happy Ellen and her bouquet. There are blue Forget-me-Nots among others. Guess Pontus wants to make sure he is remembered... 

A dance around the maypole. 

Lennart and Grandpa cut the lawn and my bigger kids raked up a "haystack" and the li'l kids jumped right in! 

Going up the woods to visit a mine of special kind. 

Ellen and Chelsie among the pink quartz, or RoseQuartz. You can actually see it's pink! 

"Look at this tree!! Just our size for christmas!!"

The girls checked out a beautiful forest-pond. 

Actually a waterfilled ditch that usually isn't, but due to the raining this summer - the other ditches are filthy and awful. This one was clear and wonderful! 

Oooops. Ellen fell into a big hole in the ground.... 

"Hmmmm, what's that? Kat says a moose have passed here and it's a mark from one of his 'feet'." 

"I want some cookies!!" Ellen is climbing all over the box. Chelsie found a chunk. 

A bit of relaxing. Ellen is helping Lennart to read.... Or is it the other way around?? 

Now, what are the girls looking at?? 

Aaaaah, a rabbit. Or really a hare. We had two or more of them around the house eating grass. As long as you are quiet you can watch them. Ellen was so happy to see a REAL rabbit. 

"Look here Mom!! They have houses in the air!!"

They are redirecting the road and need to move this house and it's standing on rails waiting to get a new place a bit further away. 

"I could come with Kat to work first day after the vacation and we looked at the KellyKlub KotW-Kontest-pictures together. Kat says I can't vote!! Boohooo! But they are ALL so beautiful so how could I pick one??" 

Ellen meets Erik - one of our "students". He fell completely for this li'l girl in her white dress. "Åh, va' söt!" was his comment - or translated to something like "Oh, how cute she is!" 
"Mom, can you see me? I'm helping Erik surf." 

And my little Erik that also came to work that day. Here he is eating lunch. 

"Kat, can I have a piece of that pancake Erik is eating too?"

"This is how I got to Kat's job.... Can you see me on the saddle there??" 

It's early in the morning and very cloudy. The rain is in the air. Here I am looking at the old Fire Department and the clocktower of the City Hall that was chosen to be Sweden's most beautiful building when it was done in the '60s. 

Here is the church - same as Scarlett was looking at with Shelly from Kat's old (or real) workplace. 

"I got myself a new necklace from a collector friend of Auntie Kat's. I never met her but Kat says she is a very nice lady." 

"My necklace is so beautiful and I look so pretty in it, don't you think?" 

"Chelsie let me borrow the hat she found at the mall as she also had a purple one. Aren't we ladylike?" 

"Here I am with my gifts from Sweden for me and Mom ready to go back to USA." 

"Bye Bye!! I'm soon leaving Kat's house in Kiruna, Sweden." 

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