Belinda Norrick

Our third visitor the summer of 2000 comes flying in from Kansas. 
Her Mom Shelly doesn't like flying... ;-) Dad's name is Larry. 


Belinda packed her bags so full it's a miracle the airplane took her on. Here she is though, safe and sound after her horrible visit to KK and mountainclimbing with a broken wrist as result... Hmmmm, still isn't quite healed. Well, she will get some peace and quiet here a while so her leg can get better. 

Map over Sweden/Norway.

Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger and better photo.

A big package is arriving and Oskar and Sigrid are eagerly awaiting the opening to reveal their new friend! Poor her - has she travelled in there?!?? 

HELLO!!!! Oskar climbed up the box to greet Belinda welcome to Sweden. Hmmm, poor thing, still in bandages. 

"What have you done??" 
"Oooh, that you dare!!"

And poor li'l Wee Wee took the chance to examine his new premises and found Rambo, the Shepheard...

...and got so excited after his long trip and meeting of another (bigger) dog that he wet the floor... 

Belinda couldn't walk the dog herself so she had to stay behind when... 

 ... Oskar and Sigrid took Wee Wee out to do his doings outside - and not on the floor.... 

We had to go shopping right after Belinda arrived so she had to tag along. We left Wee Wee with the other kids. 

"Look Mom!! American bread!! It says so!"

"MOM!!! Look what I found!! This is heaven. Wooowieeeeee...." 

"Can you see me??" 

 Back home again and Elin came home from the sport-center where she and Sofie had gone swimming and came home hungry as wolves. Belinda also wanted in on the macariones. Wee Wee has his eyes on the sausages I believe... 

"Hey, That's me!!" 

Belinda got to sit down next to me while I fixed these photos of her for uploading.

And after an exhausting first day in Sweden she passed out with Lennart, Erik and Sofie. 

Saturday in Central Kiruna. The kids are playing with a toytrain on the City Square. Well, Kiruna is known for not having any squares but this one IS. 
To the left is the store-complex where our toystore is. 

A view of a house you can only see in Kiruna. The balconys are made to look like "ortfarare", the "elevator-thingys" they travel down the mine in. You can see the mine-mountain Kirunavaara in the back. Even the red wall looks like something you can see down in the mine. 

Another tiny "square", called Ferrumparken or The Ferrum Park after our hotel that is behind us here. The kids sit down at a fountain and played with the water. 

"Watch Belinda so she won't get wet!!"

Belinda and Wee Wee found a spot to sit down a sec. It's part of that statue you can see above. This is a reindeercalf made of iron. 

A closer look as the kids wanted some sun and moved around that statue. 

Our local Mailbox from Kiruna Mail. They only deliver onside the Kiruna-borders. The regular official Postal mailboxes are yellow and for local letters and mail they are blue. Kiruna Mail is a private mail-company. 

They caught some fish!! Two trouts waiting for the fryingpan... Elin's first ever is the tinier and the other, big one, is Sofie's. Dad got none. 

And while the girls went fishing with their Dad, Erik and Mom took out the baking-attires and made a cake. Tasted good after the fishingtrip. 

Belinda got her share too of the "sockerkaka" and a Coke. 

"Here I am at Kat's work, sittin in the blowupchair Kat brought for me to sit in and rest my leg. She also took a coke if I got thursty during the day."

The server went down in a power-failure and we had to restart it. 

"I helped Kat login and now she is checking everything is OK. It's an old NT 3.51... I don't have a clue to what that is, but that's what Kat said..."

At the postoffice sending a package off to Marsha. 

Belinda sits on the counter waiting for the nice lady to finish putting stamps on the box and concentrate on more important things, like putting a date-stamp in her Passport.

The kids are bored.... It's raining. And raining. And raining.... 

Oskar is petting Wee Wee... He wants to go out but the kids say no. Belinda climbed up in a chair to get a better look out the window. Prissy have given up and sat down... 

No sun in sight. 

Belinda has been to the doctors and got her bandage off at last. She was freezing when we came back and borrowed a jumpsuit from Shelly. 

Here you can see how terrible it is. No sign of Loussavaara.. It's gone into the clouds and rain. 

They could watch video with my older kids instead. Belinda and Prissy have sat down in the blowupchairs to see Michael Jordan beat the crap out of the monsters in Space Jam. 


Oskar and Belinda are watching out over the fjord. The neighbor's boat is lying on the waves below the cliffs. 

A little closer look.  

Kids On The Rocks. 

A closer view of the kids on these beautiful striped cliffs that glitters in the sun. 

On the beach searching for seashells and beautiful, soft stones. 


The same peak - in rain... We saw much of that!!  

"YUKK!!!!! This smells like sh*t!" 

"You mean you are going to eat that??"

This is not a favorite dish among kids... It's called Surströmming and is a known "delicacy" in northern Sweden. You also add potatoes and chopped onions and thin bread, soft or hard. 

The view from inside the cabin. You can see Narvik across the bay - or fjord. 

Visiting a local pub in Bjerkvik. It's called "Garasjen" in Norwegian - or translated; the Garage. The whole interior is made of old carparts and other items connected. 

Checking out the interior. 

Belinda got a single flower from Oskar. The grass is still green although the fall is very close. Belinda will be going 'home' soon. 

While Belinda finished packing up her stuff in a chest and a paperbag... 

... poor Oskar had to be model for her new outfit... He looks good in it though, don't you think? 

Finally she is done and can try it on herself. 

A closer look at her purple snakeskin-skirt and top with goldstars spread over it. She could have use for a pair of plum Mary Janes... 

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