Hi there! 

I am Oskar and the second Travel doll in the Sandberg House. In the Spring of 2001 I got to visit Las Vegas and a KellyKonvention there. Mommy couldn't go so she sent me off as an Ambassador instead. Boy it was a lot of fun! 

I stayed with a friend of Mom's up NorthWest, Laurel in Tacoma, Washington and met a few new friends there. Among others a girl named Chelsie. What a WILD kid she was! Kute tho' :-) 

Below are some of the things I got with me back home to show Mommy. Mom is especially happy over the Autograph Book and almost cried when she read all the nice greeting inside. 

Click the small pictures below to see a slightly bigger one


We took the bus to the Konvent! (Laurel's photo)


  • Here are all the souvenirs from Las Vegas.  
    ~ Above left: groupphoto of the Konventioneers. Laurel, Anne, Cheryl, Karin, Marsha, Loanne, Georgianna, Yvette and Shawna. Here's the actual photo (Laurel's pic)
    ~ Middle: a sweet little girl in a pink Barbie-jacket I met in a restaurant. Click here to see another photo of us (Loanne's shot) with some more of the attendees lined up. 
    ~ Bottom: the Autograph Book mom loves so much. 
    ~ Bottom right: I met ELVIS!! 
    ~ Matches from the Casino/Hotel
    ~ A slotmachine for re-living all the fun of Vegas at home. (it's a pensharpener)
    ~ A piece of fabric to remind of the glitter and glitz and also the sparkly Konventiondoll. Click here to see her
    ~ In the bag: some dices and dollars and a pink Konvention-ribbon. 



  • Some gifts and souvenirs from PNW. 
    ~ After visiting Laurel you of course is a diehard Saber-fan. Or at least pretend you are. (Can't hurt her feelings.) Got the KOOLEST beanbag in the shape of a puck (Mom says it isn't a 'chair' but I say IT IS!). 
    ~ A salmon from the visit to the West Coast. We caught a big one!
    ~ The kutest teddybear I got at a Swap Meeting, where I also met Auntie George (again) and Pam. Hmm, a lady named George? (Mom says her name is Georgianna - Georgie... OK!) 
    ~ And a set of new clothes!! They are great with tools all over them . 




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