Lisa has packed her suitcase and is ready to fly to USA to visit some of her friends. 
She will meet with 5 people we only 'heard' of before and Mom is pretty envy! And first of all she is going to visit Chris in Chicago and is going with her to meet Mickey Mouse in Disney World!! WOW! 


This picture is taken in the 
evening sun on May 24. 
"Soon I'm off!"

Read my Diary below:



Elfie & Me

Last morning at home. 
Mom is having breakfast. Sofie took the picture with the DigiCam Mom borrowed from work. Can you see me and my Elfie in front of the mug to the right? 
  • May 26, 2000
    ~ Mom has sent me off to meet with Chris in Chicago. Wooowieee!! 
    ~ She forgot to write in my Travelling Journal so we decided to put my Diary here in the timebeing. 
    ~ We had to repack as I realized that both my bathing suit and robe wouldn't fit in my own seethrough suitcase and I had to borrow another one from a bigger friend of mine... 
    ~ In my new purple suitcase there is packed: my beloved Elfie, the xmas-teddy, my new bathingsuit and yellow robe with a pair of pink sandals and the yellow sundress I borrowed from Melody (she won't be needing it anymore - Mom is doing horrible things to her! Right now she is nude. HUSH, don't tell anyone or she will never speak to me again. Can't say anymore). 
    I am also wearing my Swedish folk-costume as this is a big event for me! I can't see without my glasses and they have to go wherever I do and I hope no dogs or cats will eat my black shoes... All I would need now is a white blouse for my costume as Mom is too lazy to make me one... She hates making sleeves she says. If anyone wants to volunteer to add one to my suitcase it's welcome. 
    OK, USA - here I come!! 


  • May 30
    Arrived safe and sound at Chris'. As her Kelly is going out on her trip tomorrow I will have to find another friend to play with during my stay in Chicago. We are having a great time, playing with hairdecorations and camping. 
  • June 7
    ~ I've been playing with all the puppies today in Chris' dollhouse. We had lots of fun!! I have also tried the Minnie Mouse-ears as I am soon going to Disney World with Auntie Chris and Uncle Joe.


  • July 
    ~ Next stop is with Fern Roleau in Rhode Island. She has made the most wonderful and tasty cookies.... 
    Maria and I have been dogriding. Ginger was very patient with us. Was lots of fun! 
    We celebrated Kayla on her birthdayparty and have been playing around. 


  • August
    ~ I'm going to Kansas to visit Shelly and Larry! Now this will be lots of fun! Shelly have the most beautiful angels and fairies around where she lives and cute li'l dolls. My friend Dizzy is from Kansas. 
    ~ I'm having so much fun here. We have been swimming. Or at least tried to... The swimming season in Kiruna is so short you hardly notice it passing by. I have never learned how to do that! 


  • September
    ~ Next stop is at Auntie Roberta and her ferrets. I've heard they can be harsh on li'l girls... 


  • October
    ~ I will be visiting KK next. Mom says she is lots of fun. But they speak funny there. I have picked up some of this language on the way, but that southern accent is hard to understand. 


  • December
    Returning from USA. Today we write Dec 29th and Mom just quit her job... I got home just in time to comfort her and keep her company a while. I won't be home long though as Mom says I will go on another trip soon to visit new friends in USA. Boohooo. I wanna be home to meet all my new friends HERE. I can see so many have moved in here since I left and I need to get to know them all. O well, travelling is fun too. :-) 


Shelly sure is happy to see Lisa again and they hugged each other a long, long time.

Lisa had lots and lots to tell her long missed friend. They are still chattering in the bed I can hear and the time is passed 9 by now... 




Here are the gifts Lisa brought home (if you need to see bigger pix, click each one): 

Lisa will show you all the stuff she got during her trip overseas. Here she is among all the bags and books and cards she got. 

First stop was with Chris and with her Lisa got to see Disney World. 

Second stop was with Auntie Fern and there she got a fishing boat with Rhode Island printed on it.  


 "But these are funny, Mom!!"

Lisa got some tiny beastly creatures... 

From the Land of Oz. Not Australia, but Kansas where Dorothy lives among sunflowers and Yellow Brick Roads. 
Shelly gave her some cups printed Shelly and Lisa, the cutest li'l doll and a teddybear. A pair of angel-wings (inspired after seeing Teryn dance). There is also a cute li'l worm in bright colors. 

Some things from Maine and Auntie Roberta, included a knitted outfit, a couple of tiny cars (that Eric sent?) and many other funny items.

Some very neat wooden miniatures. 

And finally after visiting KK - all l*gs intact, she brought with her some hairpieces that glows in the dark and lots of other funny things. 

Lisa's newest friend. Filled with candy for Mom... 


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