Kelly Parton

Finally!! A World Tour veteran arrived at our house. This is Ms Kelly Parton, a southern beauty. Sort of. 
She lives with Mommy Karin in South Carolina.


Kelly came to Sweden in winter time. Lucky for her it is going towards spring and warmer days. Tough to live in South Carolina and come to the cold North.

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Kitty and Ronny sits ontop of the travel compartment of the new guest. Who might this be?
The rumour said it's a famous person.

Ooohh, it's a gal Mommy has waited forever to meet! Ms Kelly Parton!

"Hi there! I am Kitty and this is Ronny - my brother"

I took Kelly outside to see the sun set.

She looks a bit cold in the snow here.

I am sitting on a snow machine. This is the one Kat is driving up in the mountains at Easter time. I like the color of this one but wish it was pink!

It's Easter Holiday and we are at the cabin owned by Kat's Brother-in-Law.

Here I am playing with Anna-Maria in the trees. A-M is just like a monkey!! She climbs the trees like nothing!

Bright white snow and clear blue skies. The snow is untouched on the side of the trail.

Kids inside a misty window.

"Kelly!!! What are you doing out there? Come inside instead!"

Kelly stands outside the window looking in on what the other kids are doing.

"We are playing Rescue Squad!"

"Ronny fell down a cliff and we need to rescue him!"


(This is actually one of Kat's kids playing!)

Kelly out in the evening. It's getting towards brighter times so it is still pretty light out.

The kids made a snow cave and a snow man and had a ball!

(This is Sofie's work!)

Anna-Maria, Ronny, Kitty, Mickey and Kelly resting against the cabin wall after their wild play.

Mmmmm, feeling good in the sun!

This is one ugly fish! It's called Lake in Swedish. And NO you do not pronounce it like your lake but with a looong a and the e!

Just having a good time.

Hmmmm.... Wet, wet, wet snow fell off the roof. And more is coming!

"Watch it Kelly so you don't get hit by more snow coming off the roof!"

On the front steps of the cabin. Just relaxing.


Job Visit

Ronny, Kitty and me are at Kat's work. This is a small model of the big "Ljusgården" at the University.
Visit the University site here: Rymdfysikinstitutionen

Just in size for us!! But the stairs are not here...

A big snake chasing his tail. Round and around he goes. It's a mobile sculpture that hangs off the ceiling in the Ljusgården and it's usually still but you can make it go around, up and down and to the sides on rails.
Don't remember what it is called or what it stands for - learning soemthing

We are sneaking on Jenny that took Kat's desk when she too moved in to the University. Jenny is working on the Homepages for the Institute, mostly for the University's. 

Up on the roof looking at some weird bowls. Inside are a lot of instruments measuring sunlight and the Ozone layer and a Fish Eye camera that takes photos of the sky all night - to catch the Northern Light.
All-Sky Camera in Kiruna

A sightseeing trip in Kiruna. Here we are up on a rock on the Loussavaara (which means Salmon Mountain) looking out over Lokstallet where Kat lives and Loussajärvi (Salmon Lake).

A view out over the mine and parts of the town.

Another view over Lokstallet and the mountains behind Lussajärvi where the windmills are.

A closer look at us:
Maudie Rebecca, me and Bonnie who will stay here with Kat when I leave.

Kat and us!

And Lennart with us on the car roof.

Downtown Kiruna.

This is a view over one of the town's squares. Here is where *all* the banks are (only three of them!). The toystore is situated in the bulding seen to the left.

A pretty ice sculpture of a Momy Bear and her Baby Bear.

More ice sculptures. These are the symbol of Kiruna - ptarmigans on top of a rock that during summer time is a small fountaine.

I got one of Kat's guazis, Mom! A red one and I just HAD to try it before packing it up.

Me and some gifts thast we packed up in an Easter Egg for you, Mom!

The picture on the Egg is made by Jenny Nyström who otherwise is a
famous Xmas painter. She is one of Sweden's most famous Santa artists!

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