Doll body types

There have been many body changes over the years. Barbie has gotten wider hips, flatter belly, smaller breasts from her original timeglass figure. She has shrunk and grown again. Same goes with her siblings and family and friends.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

It is a bit annoying with all the different finished type of photos, but that is due to the fact they are worked with, during several points in time. 

Barbie and Friends   A view of the different body types Barbie and her friends have been made with, from the beginning to this day.
All* the variations of the circa 11" dolls. 
Skipper et al A page with the Skipper evolvement, as well as cousins' comparison. Some Disney added too.
Stacie etc The smaller kids, from Stacie down to Kelly
Kelly Kelly has gone through some changes. A page with her body types, klone dolls etc, and on to Chelsea.
Toddlers All* the smaller baby dolls, compared to each other.
Male dolls, 12" Different male doll types.
Other body types Dolls, like the Flavas (re-)viewed and compared
My First Barbie 13,5" My First Barbie
Another thing that varies throughout the years and between different releases are arm types. I stumbled across som dirty old dolls and figured I'd make a page with that as well. So here goes:
Arm types Different arm types over the years. Only Barbie for now.
And I'll go with feet when I am at it:
Foot types Different feet sculpts over the years. Only new Barbie for now.

* - well, sort of....