Skipper has gone through a lot of changes over the years and below are the different bodies she has been made with through time.



From left:
1963 body (Funtime Skipper)
1963 body (Island Fun Skipper
(Growing Up Skipper)
1978 body (Western/Horse Lovin' Skipper)

Below you can see Growing Up Skipper all grown up - she is there the same height as Western Skipper and has developed small breasts.


The teenage Skipper:

1978 body (Western/Horse Lovin' Skipper)
1987 body (Sun Jewel Skipper)
1987 body (Pizza Party Skipper)

Skipper grew and shrunk again:

1987 body (Pizza Party Skipper)
1993 body (Teen Skipper)
Olsen Twins body (bridesmaid Skipper - from a big gift set)
2010 body (Life in the Dreamhouse Skipper)




Roberts Dreamhouse sisters

In 2012 Barbie moved into her new Dreamhouse along with her three sisters. Todd has disappeared. Baby Krissy is nowhere to be seen. Even Kelly is a goner. She is replaced by Chelsea! *sigh* This is how the core family looks now.

Chelsea, Stacie, Skipper and Barbie


Marie is a new cousin, first appearing in a DVD in 2013, Barbie in a Pony Tale. Marie and twin brother Max are made with the same body sculpt. They are slightly taller than the old Stacie (and her twin Todd) but a lot skinnier. The new Dreamhouse Stacie is just as tall as the first Skipper - and also skinnier.

Marie, Stacie, Stacie, Skipper


The cousins

Stacey and P.J. has one time or another been referred to as cousins to Barbie but these girls below are the "real" Roberts cousins.

Francie was the first cousin and she came in a black version as well - at the time Barbie wasn't made in a black version at all, so this was a big deal. Francie and her friend Casey was made with a body sculpt of their own, shorter than Barbie.

Jazzie was the second cousin to see the day of light. She was introduced as Barbie's cool teen cousin. Jazzie was made with the body torso of Young Sweethearts Belinda and legs (and face) from the Starr line of dolls.

Marie Roberts (and her twin brother Max) was the latest to join the extended Roberts family. Made with, a so far unique body, they are the only dolls in this size.

From left:
Colored Francie repro
Pony Tale Marie Roberts
Sun Sensation Jazzie
Fashionistas Barbie

Skipper and her cousins:

From left:
Life in the Dreamhouse Skipper
Colored Francie repro
Sun Sensations Jazzie
Teen Skipper


Teen Skipper vs Generation Girls

Some of the Generation Girls dolls shared body with Teen Skipper as well. It was Tori/Susie, Chelsie and Mari/Mariko but the GGs got articulated ballerina arms instead of the Skipper version of the Shani type of arms. 

Rio Skipper and Generation Girl Tori


Disney teen

As I was cleaning the hair on these two girls I undressed them and saw Merida had thicker thighs than dolls usually have. Compared her with Ariel, and yes. Ariel has the regular type of legs, while Merida's really are thicker. Torsos are the same, marked 2006.