The Flavas and My Scene dolls are made with a variation of body types. The My Scene girls are Belly Buttons with or without poseable legs. The guys are made with variations of Ken's old gymnast body. The Flavas girls on the other hand are made with several different body types. They each have their own face but also bodies and hand sculpts. Some are Barbie sized 11˝", while others are shorter. They all have a torso moveability to make them strike cool poses in their street corners. Some are made crooked from start and the waist isn't centered. What the girls don't have, are poseable legs. Just the old, soft plastic two/three-cklick-bend.


My Scene and Flavas with two different poseable Ken bodies:

My Scene Ryan

Flavas Tré

Tré stamp, 1975, 1999


I think this was the first body used for the Flavas guys. The torso is in two parts for good poseability, no waist articulation:

Flavas Liam

Stamped 2003


Some more guy compares:

Flavas Tré, Prince Aidan, Flavas Liam

My Scene Bryant, Prince Aidan


Stamp Prince Aidan

Stamp My Scene Bryant

Stamp Flavas Liam


The My Scene guys have the same hands as Ken but a lot bigger. Here compared to Flavas, that are more in size with Ken:


Flavas girls

I put all the Flavas girls together with a Belly Button doll.

Flavas P.Bo., Flavas Happy D, Flavas Tika, Flavas Kyoni Brown, Fashion Fever Barbie


The weirdest of the body types is Tika's (there is a Barbie body that is even more crooked and weird than this, believe it or not!). Her belly button isn't centered to the body, but she has a permanent side pose. She looks like she's working out, bent a certain way! She has sort-of-modified chop chop hands. They are more defined and smaller than Barbie's old karatesticks.

Flat feet. These are no high heels girls.

Stamp says 2003


They differ in height. Here's P.Bo next to Kyoni Brown. Kyoni clearly shows the poseable body she has.
P.Bo.'s upper torso is slanted.


Kyoni Brown is one of the smaller girls, the other being Happy D.

Stamped 2003

She shows a lot of wear to the torso and she doesn't hold her poses very well any more.