Miniete Marie Kelly (also called Ms Nettie Minx)

Nettie Minx, or Miniete Marie Kelly as her real name is, left her Mommy Colleen in Chicago, Illinois to make a tour around the world. .


Nettie arrived to a cold Kiruna in midwinter.

No photo of Nettie

Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger and better photo.

Here Nettie is arriving to Kiruna in cold January.

The last guest from the previous tour, Maudie Rebecca Tarkington, gives Nettie a tour around Kat's house.

This is the bird feeding place among the trees.

One of the bird feeding houses. Kat's Dad has made this one and the kids love to play on the veranda/balcony of it!

 Two girls satisfied to have helped Kat put away the Xmas settings. Tiny Santas in this one.


Job visit

A tour in the snow! We are going to Kat's job on a Saturday to take some photos.

Two girls looking towards Kiruna far away.

One of Kat's two offices. She splits her time between the Institute and the University.

Kat's desk.

Maudie and I are helping Kat installing an old computer. Kat doesn't like these oldies so we are trying to help the best we can!

Was loys of fun to play peek-a-boo inside there... LOL!

Kiruna Vinterfestival

"See me Mom?? Erik and I stand next to a reindeer! In the middle of the street!!"

Here is a closer look at another of them. They had these raids through town where politicians competed against each other!

And a dog sleigh set. The doggies (Siberian Huskies) are eager to set off!  They LOVE to run!

Ice sculptures. A moon, a star fall and a Saturn.

A couple of stuffed ptarmigans in a shop window in their winter outfits along with a tiny one in porcelain.

Kiruna City Hall with some of the returning light in the background.

Me and some of my gifts.

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