Maudie Rebecca Tarkington

Our last visitor comes from Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA where she lives with her Mommy Paula.


Maudie Rebecca Tarkington, here along with two other guests of ours. Maudie is the gal to the right :-)

Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger and better photo.

Melly and Elizabeth waits to say hello to the new guest.

"Hi there, Who are you?"
"I am Maudie Rebecca"
"What a long name!!"

Soon Xmas time and Maudie is helping me make some "knäck". No Xmas without it!
It's a kind of fudgy caramel with chopped almonds. Real danger to the teeth!!

And some cookies too. This is a chocolate cake with a topping of nut caramel and melted chocolate.

Auntie Kat takes every opportunity she has to show off her tiny Santa collection.

"See me Mom?" The other girl is Nettie from Chicago.

Xmas is over and we are helping Kat to pack down the santas.

Oh, they are so many!!

Finally we are done!

The light returns to Kiruna. The sun doesn't show for three weeks here in December/January but now it's back!

And the usual Bird Feeder play!

Nettie and I are on the way to take a peek at Kat's job! It WAS a beautiful day but before we hit the road it started to snow so Kat was just a bit grumpy...

Well, we caught the view after all (actually not the same time but we don't tell, Sshhh).

We are looking in towards Kiruna with a Swedish flag catching the winds.

One of Kat's offices. She works in two places at IRF.

And the computer she sits at. Do you see the Barbie calendar there Mom?

We are helping Kat installing some new devices in an old PC.

Hmm, where does this go?

What are you doing in there??


Putting two crones in the coffee machine so Kat can get a "cupper" in the afternoon.

Sightseeing. Here we are in the last days of winter in Kiruna. It is Eastertime. BOY, Mom, I have spent MONTHS here with Kat!

Three girls in the sun: Me (Maudie), Ms Parton and Bonnie. I think the Ms Parton thing is fun but she liked to be called Kelly too. At least by us kids! 

Looking out over town and the mine.

View over Lokstallet and Kat's home.

Auntie Kat with the three of us.

And Uncle Lennart at his car. See us on the roof??

Soon going home. Just showing some of my gifts.

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