Seamus DeBunce

This is someone I've wanted to meet for a long time; Seamus DeBunce. His Mommy Angie made him into a pretty li'l redhead and I am weak to li'l redheaded boys. Never got one myself as my son is blond.
Seamus comes from a town called Pendleton in Oregon, USA. 


Here I am outside Kat's house.


Map over Sweden

Click the thumbnails below to see a slightly bigger and much better photo.


Mickey is the most eager kid this time as he heard it's a boy coming to visit this time and as his best bud Oskar is in USA on konvents and dollmeetings he wants a new friend to play with. 

Here he is getting dressed for meeting his new friend - which in his case means putting  on his cap!

Lorena did also dress herself up to meet Seamus, a boy she heard has got red hair like herself.

"But my Darling! You've got different shoes on!!"  (One is red and one is orange)


ny-117.jpg (20159 byte) "It's suppos'd to be like that!"

Mei, Elizabeth, Mickey and Lorena waits by the box Seamus came travelling in... 

Mickey is the first to climb up to meet Seamus. 

"Hi there!" The kids got into the box to welcome Seamus and for a chat. Lorena found something interesting in a bag there.... Hmmmm. Kids!

Lorena is totally adored by Seamus and his red hair and tries to get a hug from him. Riley gives her a hard time barking - or rather yapping at her. 

"Eeeeeekk!!!" Seamus ran screaming away from her. "Girls! Yukk!"

"But I just want a hug... SEAMUS!! Wait!!"

The boys got away from the girls and Seamus got dressed in warmer clothes as it isn't very warm in Sweden this time of year. Mickey looks amazingly at him 
"I have a sweater just like that one!! Wait, I'll get it!"

Mickey went to the closet to find his sweater and brought it to show Seamus. 
"Look! We could be twins!" 
Riley looks at him with very suspicious eyes and sniffles at him... "Strange"

They took the dogs for a walk. Riley sure needed it after his long trip over the oceans on an airplane... He kept barking and barking at Rocky, the big shepheard but he is the sweetest thing and didn't mind at all. 

Here Seamus and Mickey are "helping" me feed the birds.... They just played Peek-a-Boo in the feeding house. The boys loved it - said it looks like a clubhouse! 

And climbed the birch-branches... 

"Come on Mickey!!" 

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming!!"

They got pretty high up in the tree. 

Our house can be seen behind them - the kitchen  and bedroom windows. 

"Look at this!! Where do you come from?" 

Left: "Here is Sweden! - The green part up here" Mickey climbed up the globe to take a closer look. 

Right: "This must be USA. It looks pretty big!" 
"No, kiddo, that's Greenland"
"Hmmm, where is it then??"

"I FOUND IT!" Seamus sounded very happy when he found the big continent of America. 
"Now, where's Oregon? Where's MOMMY???"

What are they doing here? Riley looks a bit tired as he layed down in their laps... 

(this is actually one of my dogs interpreting Riley...)

Aaah, watching TV. Beverly Hillbillies... 

"This is funny!!"  - the boys giggled together in the chair. Been a long day! 

This is what Lennart had with him home again from Rautas... 200 "rödingar" or alpine char. YUMMY!  

Snow Crystals "Look! The snow looks like crystals in the sun!" 

"We want to go out Mom, can we?" 

Check the temp first! 

-16,4 degrees C. OK. 

And out into the snow! 

Boys will be boys. 

I went to give the birds some food and the kids went up climbing trees again!! 


Took the kids for a walk as Seamus wanted to see the big ore-trains and I thought I'd combine it with a photo of him and the mine. 

Seamus and Mickey came with me to my old job for some photoscanning and to put them on a CD so these site updates could finally happen! 

On the bus. 

"Auntie Kat borrowed the digicam and it drove via LKAB on the way home. Behind me here is a looooooong painting on a wall that an artist painted along with some of the mine-workers. Kat gave me a postcard with this painting too so you can see how it looks Mom!"

ny-005.jpg (17375 byte) The road back up into town. We are going west from here - to the left at the next cross. This is a minor view over the town. 

ny-008.jpg (29685 byte) We stopped for a red light at the cross and Kat took a new shot. Here is the City Hall with the clock and you can see the high houses that are pictured with Kayla - "Snusdosan" and "Spottkoppen". 

Seamus just stopped to look when this character showed up on the TV-screen. This is Bolibompa, the mascot of Swedish Childrens' television programs. 

See here for more on that...

Sofie wanted to go to the stables a Saturday so we took the bus into town. Here we are waiting for the bus to pick us up. 
It's a lovely sunny day! 

"Look! There's the bus Kat!! Is that the one?"

"Yes, Seamus. That is the one." 

Here he is on the bus, sitting on a the back of a seat looking out the window. 

Downtown. We had to do some sightseeing for Seamus today as the weather was so great! 

This is a sculpture made for the Kiruna's 100th Anniversary in 2000. It's a mineworker pulling his ore-wagon, made of iron of course. 

To the left is the City Hall with the clocktower. 

A closer look at the iron sculpture. Sofie check that the boys behave. Seamus and Mickey are standing next to the mineworker's hand and it's pretty windy. 

And of course we had to take a shot of Seamus and our beautiful church. 

This tower is part of an old Firestation. Once upon a time there was a man up there howling out over the town that "All is fine"... How many could sleep then?? 

Seamus in close encounter with one of the horses at the stables. This horse looks just like an old favorite of mine when I was taking ridinglessons at the age of 10 - just like Sofie is. 

Easter Holidays. 
Here we are driving North. The sign says Narvik (in Norway), Riksgränsen and Torne Träsk with km-distances.

Parked the car and getting ready to go to the cabin. 

This is the cabin. It's situated in a small valley. The kids' uncle Åke is still making repairs to it - therefor the two colors. It will be Falured when it's done. 

Turning the other way from the shot above left. The mountain in the fond is called Nakeri.
Seamus is doing his favorite thing, treeclimbing.  

Inside the cabin, here on the mantel of the stove. It gets VERY hot inside as the heat source is a tiny iron-stove inside the big one. Hard to see it in this shot as it is black. 

Out on the lake. Lennart is fixing something to eat - or making coffee... Usually we set up an open fire on the ice but it was pretty windy so we used the "gaskitchen" instead. 

Erik is watching him from the "sled" that Lennart made a couple of years ago. 

Sofie fishing for Trout and Alpine Char but the fishing wasn't too good those days we were up there. 

Mickey and Seamus sits on the steering handle. 

In the cabin again. To the left the boys are looking out the window and to the right the girls are doing some Easter Egg Painting. 

And here's the result of that mission. Mickey takes a closer look and Seamus found some tiny eggs of his own. 
They both crawled up into my eggbox to play with them (candyeggs). 

And here's finally a shot of Auntie Kat too. Out in the sun - I hired Elin to take it. Pretty light outside - therefor the grinning. 

Elin playing dolls. She brought a few kids of her own but I can spot Mickey and Seamus too, hanging from my backpack strings. 

Look at Seamus!! What an artist! 

Late, late at night. The sun is disappearing behind Nakeri. I think the time was around 9 or so. 

Just a portrait of two kids sitting on the dinner table. Sort of. 

Going back home to civilization.... A view over the town to the right. The sign on the bridge says "Welcome to Kiruna, Lappland". 

Hey, what's this? Who has been jumping about here?? 

Seamus took his new kicksledge to take a closer look at those strange tracks out there in the snow. His teddy tagged along for company. What if it is the big Snowman?

"Hmmmmm... Need to get even closer."

OK, they are a bit big, but now I see it's a hare that's been here. He/She was hopping to eat some sunflower-seeds from the birdfeeders. Or rather from underneath them as the birdies throw them out looking for a good one. You should see the ground under them!! 

And finally some last minute shots before we pack everything up for Seamus' trip back home. All his souvenirs and postcards, since he has arrived to Mom by the time this is posted it's safe to show what Mommy Angie found inside the box to the right. 

Bye Bye Seamus! It's been a pleasure to have you as our guest! You will be missed! :-)

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