Liana Rouleau

The fourth visitor came in the fall of 2000. 
Meet Liana from Rhode Island where she lives with her Mommy Fern.


Liana arrived to Kiruna on Sept 12 in her new cute outfit that Shelly made for her. It's a bit chilly to wear only that but for the time being she is allowed as she wanted to show it to my kids. She will have to put on more clothes later. 
You can see in this photo that the leaves are gone... 

Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger and better photo.
Click here to see a map of Sweden.

Another big package is arriving to us and Prissy took Shelly with her to examine it. 

"Where is she?!???"
"Here's only lots and lots of ripped paper!"

The girls dived right into the box searching for Liana. 

After a really fun moment when Shelly and Prissy throwed the papershreads all around the kitchen, Liana was revealed.

"Hey, there you are! Welcome to Sweden"! 

Prissy took Liana with her out to see the beautiful skies and the last of the sunbeams for the day. 

They checked out what Elin and her friend Lisa was up to in the kids' room. They are playing with LEGO and Prissy and Liana joined in for a while.  

After yesterday's dollplay - this is the mess my kids left behind. They have been playing with Christie's stuff (MY stuff!!). 

A quiet moment. Liana was a bit tired and had to sit down for a minute so she and Prissy joined Sofie in the TV-sofa and watched the kids' news together with her. 

This is what they are looking at. It's called Hjärnkontoret (or 'Brain Office') that is a tech/scientist show for kids with lots of fun things kids wonder about. To the left is a screen with the "Nyheter" (News). To the right the screen shows Scandinavia seen from a satellite. 
"That's what I saw when I came in across the ocean" Liana said. Not quite I believe, but something like that. 

Prissy found Liana's camera in her luggage and wanted to take her portrait. Of course she could. Liana sat down on my mousemat and just looked pretty. 

"How do I look?" 

This is the photo Prissy took of her new friend and to the right I took a shot of her with the camera. 

Liana meets a dinosaur? Or could it be Nessie? 

It's actually a piece of drift-wood Sofie got from her uncle.

"Here I am at Kat's work. We are working on some pictures while the students do their Interactive Course."

"Brrrrrr. It's c-c-c-cold-d-d-d-d in here.... We have no windows". 

Hey, I see him out there!! We will get new windows soon. Datortek is on the second floor.

"A tour up on Loussavaara to see the sights. Kat has waited a long time for the weather to be good. Belinda never got to see this (but hey, she went to Norway!). Far away down there is Jukkasjärvi, the small place where the Ice Hotel is."

Looking out over the town with Kirunavaara - the mine in the background. 

And Lennart got caught too. He never knew ;-) He had to hold the baby or she would have fallen in the wind up there.

Looking out towards Sweden's highest mountain - Kebnekajse. It is there, far away. The bad part of this is that there aren't any colors in the trees. We had a short fall here without the beautiful autumnleaves. They got yellow and fell off in days - all this due to the raining this past summer. 

Late one night. We have a full moon out there. It's right beside her tiny head.

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