I collect the Happy Meal-dolls from McDonalds too, because I think they are so cute and yet another side of the Barbie-history.

We used get four different dolls in the Happy Meals each autumn - in September I think. One thing is great about the Swedish restaurants - you don't have to buy the meal to get the dolls! You can buy them loose!
We don't have a McDonalds-restaurant in Kiruna so I'll have to ask my friends further south to get them for me. Luckily more of the Swedish collectors wants these tiny dolls too and can get one extra for me.

Click the pics to see the dolls:

Happy Meal 1995

Happy Meal 1996

Happy Meal 1997

Happy Meal 1998


Happy Meal 1999

Happy Meal 2000

Happy Meal 2001


Some years back this chain-store got seven of the eight McDonald-figurines that were sold with the Canadian Happy Meals in 1994 (?), only here they were boxed. The one that didn't come was the Shani-doll. My cousin in Canada sent me a big package a few years ago with played-with McDonald-figurines and there she was, among MANY other figurines that never have been sold in Sweden. They were in various shapes, but they fit right in among the rest of them in my little figurine-cabinet my dad also made for me.


Here are the pictures of the boxed dolls:

Europe -91

Europe -93

Europe -94

Canada 1

Canada 2

Canada 3: Disney Esmeralda and SnowWhite

Canada 4

Canada 5


US Happy Meals 1999

US Happy Meals 2001


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