This is an interesting product made by Mattel. We have this chain-store in Sweden that sell overproduced products and leftovers from other Swedish stores as well as from foreign. A couple of years back I ran across one of these dolls and I realized he looked just like Ken did in the 80's and he caught my interest. I couldn't resist them so I bought all the different dolls that were on the shelves; two black dolls and three white male dolls. Later I found the three white female dolls and now have four complete families. There is also an Asian couple out there somewhere. This series is called Family Corners and the dolls are 7" tall.

Melody Nicholas

These boxes brings a lot of fun. The girl dolls have their own "house" in plastic with fold-out cardboard walls and stickers with flowers, a wedding-portrait with only her on it (!) and other decorating things. The guys brings more parts to the house, as a nursery and a wedding chapel and more stickers including his part of the wedding-
portrait. He also brings a little baby to the future family to be. All the dolls wear a casual outfit but also have a wedding-gown/-suit included in the box. You can choose which bride should marry which groom since it's not static, but the front door of the girls' houses shows the back of a guy and you see who it is on the color of his hair and his dress suit.

The dolls' faces as I said is quite resembling the larger Barbie-doll and her friends. The ones I have are made with three plus three different headmolds. The blonde Becky has a smaller variation of the SuperStar headmold, her friends Melody and Lacey looks like smaller copies of Midge and Teresa with a closed mouth mold, the black Nichelle-doll looks like the 11" Asha. Nicholas is the reincarnation of the Ken-doll, his friends Ryan and Joey looks a bit like a mix of Alan and Derek, and the black Kurt looks like a little Steven-doll. The Asian girl Traci looks just like Kira, but the Asian guy Derek has an all new mold (I've said earlier we want an Asian Ken-size doll!).

The baby-girls are adorable with molded hair (in the color of their father's) and rooted ontop, drawn together in one or two pony/pigtails. They are sooo cute! It's a nice idea that the male doll brings the baby.


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