Li'l Friends of Shelly / Kelly

Julie / Jenny

Descriptions of the dolls, from left to right, are found below the dollpictures. 

#16467 Julie, 1996 Sold as Jenny in USA. Also called raincoat Jenny. See both versions here:
#18653 Jenny, 1997 Also called picnic Jenny
#18913 Jenny, 1997 Polkadot box version.
#18913 Sunflower Jenny, 1998 US and EU versions.
#20858 Hawaiian Jenny, 1998 A Hula-girl with a new shoe mold. A pair of cool clogs.
#24598 Jester Jenny, 2000 Part of the Royals in Kelly Club. 
#24598 Jenny, 2000 European version. Shelly Club. 
#52842 Veterinarian Jenny, 2001 Career Day kids, Shelly Club + Kelly Club
#28045 Spring Cleaning Jenny, 2000 Another blueeyed Jenny, rushing off to help cleaning.
#56621 Singing Star Jenny, 2002 Grown Up series, fall 2002

Fairy Tales

#50797 Jenny, 2001 Shelly Nutcracker series, Jenny is Hispanic. Flower Fairy in USA.
#53454 Flower Fairy Jenny, 2001 Nutcracker series, Jenny is AA. 
#B2839 Jenny as the Merry Mouse, 2003 Swan Lake 2003Jenny was an early release of the Mouse.

Kelly/Shelly Club Special Editions

#56335 Tiger Jenny, 2002 Barnum's Animals Crackers 2003. Jenny  is dressed as a tiger with painted nose and whiskers. See the whole group (and boxes) here.
#B8131 Color Jenny, 2003 Wal*Mart Special, 2003

Kelly/Shelly Club "I'm an Ornament too!"

#55646 Poinsetta Jenny, 2002. Jenny has red hair!
#55646 Holiday Cheer Jenny, 2003. Jenny has red hair! Don't know if this will turn up! See Kerstie

Target Valentine dolls

#B1077 Li'l Heart Jenny, Jenny is a redhead with brown eyes. Target Valentine series '03.

Target Halloween Party

#28308 Halloween Party Jenny, 2000 Hmmmm. A redheaded and freckled kid... Is she still Asian?? 
#29821 Halloween Party Jenny, 2001 Target Halloween Party series. Jenny dressed as a black kitty.
#56749 Halloween Party Jenny, 2002 Target Halloween Party series. Jenny dressed as a Jeannie. Red hair.
#B3129 Halloween Party Jenny, 2003 Target Halloween Party . A cute redheaded witch this year.

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Julie / Jenny

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