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(European 'swimmer')
(Winter Fun)
Vicky (Victoria)
(Giggles'n Swing Kelly)

My three gorgeous platinum blondes. Kayla and Nikki are sisters and Vicky is their cousin. 

Kayla's best friend is Marisa and they spend a lot of time together making snowmen and angels in the snow. They can't wait for the summer to come so they can go swimming together as that is what they do the best! 

Nikki's right elements are the snow and when she got her sled from her bigger sis Tori she was in heaven! She loves to ride it downhill and couldn't care less if the sled tips over. Snow is so much fun! 

Vicky (or Victoria as her real name is but noone ever calls her anything but Vicky) is a girl that enjoys life to the last breath. Her favorite time she spends on the playground with all her friends and cousins. Lorena is a lot of fun to be with, always laughing, just like heself. Vicky picks flowers with Sanna and Lorena whenever the need comes. Her favorites are Sunflowers as she loves their bright yellow color! 


My ultra blonde girls. Have no idea where their Daddy Nicholas went... Back to Australia where he came from, maybe?

Mommy is Holly (Holiday Treats B) and she is a ski instructor at winter with Marisa's Daddy and rumors say they have an eye for each other. 

Big sis is Tori (Generation Girls) and she loves to play outdoor games too, like skating and snowboarding. 

and the kids are of course 
Nikki (Winter Fun) and Kayla (Eu swimmer). 


My two favorite blondies went to visit their Daddy in Australia. This is him posing with his two sweethearts. Meet Nicholas (guess where Nikki got her name)... He has the same lovely green eyes as his two youngest daughters. Nich is of course a Surfer - what else with that suntan and blonde hair and Ozzie acent... Nikki got her name from Daddy and Kayla her interest for water :-) 

The girls are dressed in their favorite summer dresses that they got just for the occasion. 

(Nich used to be a European Fantasy Ken that almost moved to USA when I realized HE was their Daddy and he stayed)


Isn't this a gorgeous family? This is a favorite of mine - of course because it's Mickey's family with his sister Vicky. I only found out when I took the shots that they were siblings. Had no idea before that! 

Mommy's name is Christina (Giggles'n Swing B) and handsome Daddy is Peter (Shaving Fun K). 
And of course Mickey (Disney Vacation Tommy)
and Vicky (Giggles'n Swing K)


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