The Nursery, page 3. Girls 'n Dolls

This is a new girl in the house - Prissy. Thanks KK for helping me name her - she has grown into that name now...

Prissy is playing with one of her twin-dolls. They actually came with a Mother-to-be (don't remember the name now) that had that removable pregnant belly with a baby inside. My daughters got one each but they both lost their legs and we tossed them away. 
The blanket is a LEGO-thing from the kids' room... 

Prissy and her twin-dolls. 

The cradle is made by a man my sister knows and is a great dollsize for Kelly and her friends. The bear on the rockinghorse is that Teddy in my Pocket I mentioned on another page. The highchair comes from a playset for some babydoll. 

Another angle of the same view. 


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