The Nursery, page 3. Boys Toys.

Timothy looks like he is going to give poor Hunchback a makeover with that hammer. I hope he has other plans!! The pink/silver tools are tiny kitchen magnets. The cars are all Micromachines and Kinderegg-toys. The orange cowboy on the tractor in the blurry front, the blue police below him, the green dog on the chest and the yellow Mickey-figure are all stuff I had as a child. They are supposed to have bendable legs and arms, but the metalthread is gone. You can see some ghosts - one is Kinderegg and the Caspers comes with other candy. The toychest is bought from a basket-market. On that is a tiny Peeing Boy - a copy of a statue you can see in Brussels.


Even more stuff is added here... Looks like the floor of my kids' room!! The li'l red scooter is a pen-sharpener. A tiny Action Man has fallen on his skis on the rug. The binoculars on the chest comes from a playset with a Darkwing Duck-figure. The soccer-ball is probably a Li'l Friends of Barbie-accessory. 


Three of my Tommys are playing with some neat things. You can see the red scooter again and they also have Jenny's toywagon. Tommy to the left also wears her "Playtime" outfit. 

These guys have new names to keep them apart...

Pontus, Tom and Timothy. 


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