The Nursery, page 2. Girls 'n Dolls

Kathy and Deidre are having fun playing with their dolls. They are sitting on another rug one of my kids have made - I can't remember which kid made which rug... I THINK this is Erik's.

The dolls are mostly Polly Pocket, but there are also toys from Kinderegg and other Mattel-brands.

A closer look at the girls and their toys. 

Kathy is holding an Esmeralda-minidoll from a playset. The Hunchback is in the boys' part of the room. Deidre is combing her AA Polly Pocket (that surely has a name of some sort). 
The cat and rat in front are Kinderegg-toys and the little AA boy with the thumb in his mouth is Li'l Dip from Mimi and the GooGoos - another Mattel-brand. He comes in a "house" in the form of a book.

Carla is playing with a Hula Hoop that really is a 'bracelet' that came with one issue of the Swedish girlsmagazine about Barbie (with photoseries and other fun stuff). 

To the right you can see Polly Pocket Janet's red  School-backpack with her dolls and an addressbook that really is a keychain. 


Here Carla is playing with a big dollhouse, the Barbie Dream House (this is really a Hallmark Ornament that I got from KK - thanks!). It looks just like the real thing with the bed and all!

On the balcony is that AA Polly Pocket-girl again waving her arms and showing her boquet of flowers to you.


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