The Nursery, page 1

To the left of the top floor is the nursery and in here is Deidre and KayLee's Kingdom or Princesshood you might say. Timothy has his corner but the girls are taking over the place! 

You can see there are toys everywhere and on the following pages there will be more closeups of what they are up to and playing with. 

At the backwall is the bathroom-part with the bathtub and KayLee's own tiny toilet with a roll of paper. On top of the WC you can see a box of Pampers diapers. The rockinghorse to the right is really a Xmas-ornament and the one with the teddy on is a Teddy in my Pocket. Behind the bed to the left there is another mini rockinghorse. The cars are Micromachines and the rug is made by one of my kids (most likely Sofie) in Kindergarten.


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